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This is a site about my favorite performers and their hit songs. I like all kinds of music, but not jazz, blues, and the Swedish dance band music. Heavy metal isn’t my favorite kind of music either, but there are some songs that I love.

The music is mainly Anglo (American/Canadian, British/Irish, Australian/New Zealand) and Swedish. There are also a few Norwegian, French and German songs and performers.

I love Italian music, French, German and Lithuanian too, but I don’t know enough about the performers to mention them here. Hopefully there will more of that later.

Schlager isn’t really my favorite genre of music, but I do have a couple of favorites like Gente di Mare (Raff and Umberto Tozzi) and Rock n Roll Kids (Irish – not sure of who the artist was), and a few others that didn’t make it to the big finals, like Dover-Calais (Style) and Not a Sinner nor a Saint (Alcazar), Las Vegas (Martin Stenmarck) and Sing for Me (Andreas Johnson).

On each page, which covers one decade, there’s some general info about what life was like in those days. Click below to listen to a great oldie.



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