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Nov 26

The Novel Was THIS BIG — How to write a novel workshop

Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 in Writing links

There are entire books devoted to writing a “big” novel, including books with names like “How to write a blockbuster novel.” This is not one of those books in post form.

Why is it not?

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Nov 26

How to Write More Than You Ever Thought Possible

Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 in Writing links

How to Write More Than You Ever Thought Possible

These are some tips you can use whenever you’re writing outside of NaNoWriMo, so keep them in mind if you want to write faster.

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Dec 5

Read like a writer – It’s a Writer Thing

Posted on Thursday, December 5, 2013 in Links

Read more here.

This seems like good advice.

Jan 30

Writing for the minority

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2009 in Writing

Over the years, I’ve had literally thousands of readers, but of those, practically no one leaves a comment. Out of those few, some have given me very positive feedback. The question is, why don’t more people comment? Lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people don’t like my writing. Another reason might be that they feel that the stories I write are too long. Some might like my stories, but are too lazy or not care enough to comment. But even if those are contributing factors, the fact remains, my writing doesn’t appeal to that many people.

It’s discouraging, because I don’t just write this way because I can’t do any better, though maybe that’s part of the truth, I have to face that possiblity, but I actually like these stories. It’s the sort of thing I Iike to read. I’d read more of similar writing if it was available – and in some cases it is. The books I buy are often unknown to the general public, though I like relatively ‘mainstream’ genres and subgenres – mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, historic novels.

There isn’t much I can do about the popularity of my stories. I know one thing though: I’ll keep writing what I like to read. If no one else likes it, fine. I can live with that. After all, I’ve never expected more. Hoped, but never expected.

Jan 20

What’s historic – really?

Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 in Writing

Since I write historic stories, I began to wonder where you draw the line. What is a historic story? When it comes to fan fiction, I suppose it depends on in what era the fandom is set, but the question remains. What point in time, can be referred to as historic?

I guess there are different ways of looking at it. It probably depends on how old you are. An example: some years ago the tv series American Dreams, set in the 1960’s, was on here in Sweden. I tried to persuade my mother to watch it too. She said no. But, I insisted, it’s historic. No, it isn’t, she said.

In my own writing I’ve decided to treat a story set in the 1980’s as historic, whereas one set in the 1990’s isn’t. Some years from now, that might change, but at the moment, that’s my division. I have memories from the 1980’s, but I still say that’s historic. It’s so long ago.

Do you agree? What is your definition of a historic story (tv series, movie etc)?

Dec 30

Finished an original story

Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 in Writing

I finally managed to finish an original story. If I could only write every day (or rather night) I’d feel a lot better. I only wish I’d get round to finishing my novel. Why is it so hard? I suppose I’m afraid I’ll ruin what I’ve already written. All I need is a sort of start. A couple of sentences to set the right mood. Usually I manage to think of something much sooner. I’m afraid that if I don’t get it finished soon, it will never happen. It’s just going to be pointless.

Sep 3

Original stories

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2008 in Writing

I still haven’t worked on my novel, but I did get ideas for two original stories. At first I thought I was going to be able to start writing right away, the same night. The night, after all, is my favorite time for writing.

But no such luck. Still, I have worked out most of the things that will go into the stories. Plot, characters etc. I guess I just have cold feet. After writing a couple of stories I’ve been happy with, I’m afraid of making a mess of these.

The same is true for my novel, but even more so.

Oh, well. Writing is fun, but reading is necessary too. Fortunately, I have a couple of books I can read.

Jul 31

Writing fan fiction again

Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2008 in Writing

I thought I was done with fan fiction – at least for a while – but I got inspired again and that was that. Though in the past couple of days I’ve been too tired to finish my last fan fic in the new fandom. Hopefully, I’ll feel up to it again soon.

I haven’t even blogged that much lately, so it’s great to be writing again. Hopefully it won’t be long before I’ve recharged my creative batteries so I can finish my novel.

Jun 22

New story

Posted on Sunday, June 22, 2008 in Writing

Late last night, I finished an original story I’d been working on. Actually, I finished the translation so now it’s in both languages. It turned out well, I think, but then I guess I’m partial. LOL

Mar 13

Some do it in bed

Posted on Thursday, March 13, 2008 in Writing

I started thinking about where I write. The answer is, in bed. I might write at a desk – if I had a study of my own, away from others. At the moment, I’m sharing a house with my mom and my sister and unless I decided to write all night and sleep all day, I wouldn’t get any peace.

Actually, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to write in bed. Many published writers I know of, do this. I think it’s really common. But everyone’s different. Some people prefer to sit at a desk or other table. I guess some like sitting outdoors at a café or somewhere else public.

Of course, a laptop (or in my case an iBook) is really a necessity if you want to write in bed. Once you have that all you need is an electric outlet and you’re set to go. Unless you have a rabbit who likes to chew on wires. If you do, I suggest you keep a constant eye on the cable and/or the rabbit. LOL. Be warned, as you might or might not know, some puppies and cats also like to chew on stuff, sometimes wires, so watch out.

Another thing – I prefer to write quite late in the evening or at night. First of all I’m an evening person/night owl. I feel more alert and creative later in the day. It’s also more peaceful around the house and probably, unless you live in a major city, your neigbhorhood too.

Where do you like to write? And at what time?


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