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journal n. A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis; a diary

You think that you are the last of the unicorns, and your heart flutters whenever someone says the word “vegan”. You think, “Maybe there are others out there…”

It’s better to break than to bend!

Animal lover, book lover, animal rights vegan, writer…

shy | creative | independent | loyal

Welcome to my home – a remote, isolated or distant place. Better than the real world!

You may call me Ilirwen.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing more fun than writing and creating a story. Among other things, I write novels for young adults/older kids (mysteries, fantasy, sf and more). History is another of my interests. Without any kind of history, we’re merely fumbling our way through the darkness as we move towards the future.

Reading (fantasy, crime novels, historic stories and more) is another passion of mine. Books are an integral part of my life. I read practically all the time, except when I’m writing…

Well, actually, I do some other things as well. I love animals, I’m an animal rights vegan, I enjoy going for walks, listening to music, watching tv series (drama, comedy, historic series, sf), movies, working out (yes, really, though to be honest, I am pretty lazy), knitting, computers (I love the old Macintosh computers – anything not Microsoft), the internet, cell/mobile phones and much more.

When I’m doing all the things I do, I like to do them somewhere peaceful and quiet, far from polluted, crowded cities. Somewhere green and beautiful, filled with memories from a bygone age. That’s where I live. In a little house, in the middle of West Gothia (Vastergotland).

My family is small but we’re very close. In the past couple of years, we’ve lost some of our closest family members, among others dad. Though really, our family is bigger than that. We all have some small or not so small adopted kids. Dogs and cats.

On this blog, I write about books and book reviews and writing, but also languages, history and everything else I’m interested in.


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