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Jan 14

Advice about titles

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016 in Writing

I was wondering if my followers would be kind enough to help me with some titles for original stories.

As my readers will know by now, I’ve been complaining about how no one ever reads my original stories on Wattpad. It just occurred to me that maybe some of the titles may be boring or give the wrong idea or something.

What do you think?

Long Farewell is a story about Linnaeus and his ‘disciples’, one of which was his ‘most beloved’, which kind of set my slash mind to work. The title is from a song by Thompson Twins. One line says ‘when your love has gone away, it’s a long goodbye’. (I exchanged the word ‘goodbye’ for ‘farewell’ since I felt it was a bit more old-fashioned, and would suit the 18th century better.) Does this sound boring? Does it give the wrong idea about the content about the story? Can you think of another reason why people don’t read this story?

Julian’s Secret. Story about two brothers. The older brother thinks his younger brother is gay, but suddenly he finds out that his brother has not just one but four (or even five) big secrets he never had a clue about and one of them is that he (Julian) isn’t gay at all, but a prostitute. Is the title Julian’s Secret too melodramatic? Should it be Julian’s Secrets, in plural, to be more accurate? Any other suggestion?

Playing With Fire. Story about a young man who’s a model and a student but is having a hard time keeping up with his studies, one reason being that he’s sniffing cocaine. He has an old friend (a girl) who is obsessed with him and stalks him. (Charming, I know). She finds out more about his life than she bargains for and suddenly someone dies. I thought that the cocaine and the stalking could fit into the idea of ‘playing with fire’ but maybe it’s too melodramatic too? Or does it give the wrong idea about the story’s content?

The Road Taken (maybe I shouldn’t have been presumptuous enough to steal from that famous poem). My idea was that the two girls in the story take a road they’ve been wondering about for years, but learn the hard way that maybe the shouldn’t have. It’s a horror story or at least a ghost story. Not my usual thing. Does the title give the wrong idea? Does it sound boring? Should I change it to something else?

Most of the others seem to be more or less inevitable, so I’m not going to ask about them. I did a lot of research to find them, so if people don’t like them, tough. Another one – The Witch’s Mark – is kind of necessary because the whole story is about how a witch marks a young boy to protect him and later recognizes him by that mark.

Jul 3

Some advice for when you’re writing and find yourself stuck in the middle of a scene

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Dec 5

Read like a writer – It’s a Writer Thing

Posted on Thursday, December 5, 2013 in Links

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This seems like good advice.


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