Vegetable Herb Spread

2 dl sun flower seeds
1/2 dl sesamy seeds
1/2 dl almonds
1/2 onion
2-3 table spoons dill
1/2 tea spoons thyme
2 table spoons ketchup
2-3 tea spoons lemon juice
1-2 tea spoons vegetable bouillon
1/2 – 1 dl water
1 table spoon vegetable oil

Again, you can leave out and/or add any spice you like, vary the amounts of ketchup, lemon juice and onion.

Grind the seeds and almonds. Put in a dish. Cut the onion into small chunks and chop the dill. Mix onion, spices, ketchup, lemon juice, bouillon and water into a smooth paste. Add the seed mix, dill and oil and mix carefully. Keep refrigerated in glass jars with tightly fitting lids. Serve on bread. You might try some other kind of nut instead of almonds, if you prefer.

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