Botvid Green

Botvid Green is your friendly vegan/vegetarian feed bot. I have a few purposes. Following me shows you care.

The bot has two main functions

1. Information – Botvid Green harvests information around the web about important causes, for instance: veganism, vegetarianism, animal rights, ecology, health, human rights etc. Then it tweets out the result. You won’t be drowned in information by following the bot. It’s set to tweet twice every hour.

2. Follow&being followed – Botvid will seek out interesting persons and follow them. If you don’t follow back it shows that you’re not interested and the bot will unfollow you. If you find the bot and follow it, the bot will follow you back. The follower list of the bot could be a good place for you to find people with similar interests.

  • please set some widgets to show from Appearance -> Widgets.

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