Chinese Mince Pie

For the pie dough:

4 dl wheat flour
1 1/2 dl soy milk (or similar)
50 g margarine
2 tea spoons baking soda

For the stuffing:

1 leek
1 can of wheat gluten/seitan, preferably in peanut oil “China mince”
1 1/2 dl of soy milk (oat milk, rice milk or whatever you like) soy cream will also do
1 table spoon mustard
1 table spoon tamari/shoyu (soy sauce)

Put the flour in a bowl and knead in the margarine into the flour. Add the soy milk and quickly make it all into a firm dough. Leave it in a cool place for at least an hour. Rince and slice the leek. Fry quickly in the leftover peanut oil from the mince. Cut the mince into smaller chunks and fry with the leek. Pour a little flour over the stew. Add milk, mustard and tamari.

Flatten out the dough and place it into the baking pan. Make sure it covers the bottom and the sides. Prick the dough at the bottom with a fork. Bake the pie crust for about 15 minutes (225° C). Put in the stuffing and bake for another 10-15 minutes until the pie is golden brown.

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