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Feb 5

An update

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016 in My life

Some of you may have noticed that I have been missing for a while. The reason is that I’ve been in hospital. My blood pressure was up and my legs were swelling and I ended up staying until after the C-section. I really hate being in the hospital. :/ At least so far things seem to be going well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the future. My blood pressure is still a bit too high and my ankles and feet are still swollen (yuck). Other than that I feel fine, but tired. I’m a bit low on iron too, so maybe that’s why.

The twins are doing ok, but not eating enough to grow as much as they should, so we have to feed them through a tube (?). It’s a thin plastic thing that has been inserted into their stomachs (?). I’m really no expert on these medical things, but it’s creepy but quite easy to handle things once they had been set up. It’s usually quite nice to feed the kids from a bottle, but this – well, at least it’s easy and convenient. The twins were born almost a month too early (because twins usually are) and apparently that’s pretty good for twins. They’re so tiny. They’re also quite a lot alike (in looks) and quite different (in personality). Maybe this is too much info for most of my followers so I’ll keep all that to a minimum. I’m not sure how much anyone will want to know. I can tell you that having a planned C section worked out exactly as I hoped it would – no pain, not even afterwards. There were uncomfortable moments with injections, blood tests etc, but no actual pain, not before, during or after the surgery. So that was good.

We’re back at the house now and are supposed to handle things ourselves from now on. Again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

In other news, I failed at finishing my three YA books :(. Now I have no idea when I’ll be able to do any writing at all. I don’t even have time to read (and hardly to eat and sleep…).

Even though I can’t write at the moment, I have come up with a new fanfic idea for Call the Midwife, which was totally unexpected. I never thought I’d write anything in that fandom. So maybe some day – next year? – I’ll do some more writing.

Apr 16

Bad luck

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2015 in My life

Today when my mum and I went shopping (and to pick up a package that had arrived for us), she fell and hurt her hand. It hurt so badly we had to go to the clinic on the way back. There she first got to see a nurse, then a doctor (ironically the same doctor who she saw this morning, and who gave her a clean bill of health then). The doctor sent her to a hospital, not the one closest to here, but the other one, where mum has to go for her eye checkups and treatments. Now she’s had an x-ray but hasn’t been in to see the orthopaedist yet. She will either need a cast or some sort of bandage. We don’t know yet if she’s broken the fingers or not.

Edit: They kept mum waiting until the last bus left. Now she and my sister will have to take a taxi. And we still don’t know if the fingers are broken. Both their phones are running out of battery so I can’t get any more updates.

May 24

Update again

Posted on Saturday, May 24, 2014 in My life, Whining

If anyone’s still interested in the ongoing saga of my health problems, here’s an update. On Thursday, I spent nearly an hour on the phone, trying to get to the person I wanted and only got two different voices on the answering machine. (One telling me that it was no use waiting, and to call again some other time.) Once I was even redirected to a switchboard outside the region. Then I called the clinic back and asked if I could switch doctors and was told it wouldn’t make a difference because she/he would say the same thing and basically refused. I may not have posted about it in the past, but this doctor has been so difficult over the several years I’ve been seeing her (in a manner of speaking – I have probably talked to her twice over the years and never seen her face to face). Anyway, I despaired and gave up.

Then I called again on Friday and it took a while but I finally got through. When I told the nurse what I wanted, she sounded really puzzled. Apparently, it really was as weird as I thought, referring me back to the hospital that I had been discharged from nearly two months ago.

She promised to talk to a doctor that I’d already met at the maternity care clinic and have her prescribe my medication and then call me back to let me know. I also told her that I was considering switching clinics because of all the trouble over the years, more than I will mention here, and got some interesting info. Now I’ll definitely switch back to the one I left nearly ten years ago.

May 21

New update about my health

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in My life, Whining

In case you haven’t tired yet of my health situation, I have another update. This morning, while I was still asleep, the nurse called to let me know what the doctor had said. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it over to the phone before it stopped ringing. She didn’t call back for several hours, making it impossible for me to go back to sleep. Not surprisingly (this doctor is like that) she ‘couldn’t say’ anything because she didn’t know what medication I’d been on (flimsy excuse.) I’d actually told the nurse, this Monday, and she didn’t look that old to me, that she should be forgetful, but maybe stress will do it. So I told her what meds I had been on and other info she asked for. This time she called back more or less right away and told me the doctor didn’t want to be involved., since it was the doctors at the hospital who had prescribed the meds. Never mind that they told me to return to this having been discharged from the hospital.

Back to square one. Not that I was all excited to start taking those meds again – I suspect that one side effect is headache – but this was at least a step on my road to complete recovery. Grr. Why do people always have to be so difficult?

Sorry about the whining.


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