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Apr 16

Bad luck

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2015 in My life

Today when my mum and I went shopping (and to pick up a package that had arrived for us), she fell and hurt her hand. It hurt so badly we had to go to the clinic on the way back. There she first got to see a nurse, then a doctor (ironically the same doctor who she saw this morning, and who gave her a clean bill of health then). The doctor sent her to a hospital, not the one closest to here, but the other one, where mum has to go for her eye checkups and treatments. Now she’s had an x-ray but hasn’t been in to see the orthopaedist yet. She will either need a cast or some sort of bandage. We don’t know yet if she’s broken the fingers or not.

Edit: They kept mum waiting until the last bus left. Now she and my sister will have to take a taxi. And we still don’t know if the fingers are broken. Both their phones are running out of battery so I can’t get any more updates.


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