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May 27

So tired of this…

Posted on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 in My life, Whining

It turns out things were not alright after all. The hospital can’t prescribe medication for me, since I’m not a patient there. My ‘own’ doctor should do that, and she refuses. Now I’ve signed up to go to one of the other clinics in this town. If they won’t help me either, I’ll have to go private, which will cost me a lot more. :/ But really, it’s not ok to do this. I’m a Swedish citizen, living in this town. They can’t all refuse to help me. I have a medical condition that needs to be fixed. I should press charges, but if I have to call the police I already know what will happen. There’s this old fat lazy woman who is just waiting for her pension. She won’t do anything. I know that. Long story, that I won’t go into here. I should probably just call the private clinic, which is in Gothenburg, about an hour away. Sigh.

May 24

Update again

Posted on Saturday, May 24, 2014 in My life, Whining

If anyone’s still interested in the ongoing saga of my health problems, here’s an update. On Thursday, I spent nearly an hour on the phone, trying to get to the person I wanted and only got two different voices on the answering machine. (One telling me that it was no use waiting, and to call again some other time.) Once I was even redirected to a switchboard outside the region. Then I called the clinic back and asked if I could switch doctors and was told it wouldn’t make a difference because she/he would say the same thing and basically refused. I may not have posted about it in the past, but this doctor has been so difficult over the several years I’ve been seeing her (in a manner of speaking – I have probably talked to her twice over the years and never seen her face to face). Anyway, I despaired and gave up.

Then I called again on Friday and it took a while but I finally got through. When I told the nurse what I wanted, she sounded really puzzled. Apparently, it really was as weird as I thought, referring me back to the hospital that I had been discharged from nearly two months ago.

She promised to talk to a doctor that I’d already met at the maternity care clinic and have her prescribe my medication and then call me back to let me know. I also told her that I was considering switching clinics because of all the trouble over the years, more than I will mention here, and got some interesting info. Now I’ll definitely switch back to the one I left nearly ten years ago.


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