Vegan food in IKEA and the trains

There was so much excitement earlier this year, when IKEA and our rail services announced that they would start serving something vegan. In both cases, that was a big change.

Well, as usual, things tend to turn out a lot less appealing than you first expect.

IKEA’s ‘meat balls’ that are rather basic – ‘vegetable balls’ served with lettuce or some salad. So no protein. They might still taste great but the trouble is, it’s also a quite expensive dish.

On the trains, they have three or four vegan dishes. Sounds good, right? Turns out they all contain garlic – which I’m allergic to. At least one of them contains ginger and I hate that. All dishes are also quite expensive and the portions are rather small. Now I realize that they can’t accommodate everyone. Being allergic to garlic is quite rare. But doesn’t anyone agree with me that it seems rather unimaginative to serve three or even four dishes with the same seasoning?

2 thoughts on “Vegan food in IKEA and the trains

  1. I agree with you! I’m allergic to some spices and I don’t like the taste of others. Seem they like to use garlic to enhance the flavor on everything!!!
    I ordered vegetable soup one day and it was heavy with the garlic, it was like having garlic soup, that’s all could taste….Yuck!

    • I’m glad to hear someone agrees. My sister isn’t allergic and in fact quite likes garlic, but she would like to decide how much she eats of it in case she has to go somewhere important etc. And it definitely can get a bit much sometimes.

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