Only when the victims are non-humans would anyone dare to defend a decision to harm others as a personal choice to be respected.

You think you are the last of the unicorns, and your heart flutters whenever someone says the word “vegan”. You think, “Maybe there are others out there…”

Welcome to The Gardens of Umrion – The Veghead Zone with Vegan Lynx! The people behind this website are three women – a mother and her grown daughters. We’re vegans, animal lovers and we also really like gardens and nature.

It’s all about veganism, animal rights, human rights, the environment.

Here you’ll find a collection of yummy cruelty-free recipes, links to petitions, articles, useful sites, including free donation sites, quotes and of last but not least, the vegan blog.

Enjoy your stay.

3 thoughts on “Intro

  1. What a wonderful blog. It is soo good to connect with others who care about the planet and all who share it. Looking forward to more.

    All the best,
    Emy <3

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