Swedish brown bean spread


4 dl cooked brown beans
1/2 dl rapeseed oil
1 tsp salt
1 pinch of black pepper
1 tsp vinegar (we used apple cider vinegar)
1 shallot

1) Soak dried brown beans in plenty of cold water. Leave them overnight.

2) Pour out the water and put the beans in a pot with new water and some salt. Cook for approximately 60 minutes until the beans are done and almost falling apart. Strain them in a strainer and rinse in cold water. Place the beans in a food processor.

3) Mix them with oil, salt, pepper and vinegar until it turns into a smooth, pale spread. It will get lighter the longer you mix it.

4) Put the spread into a bowl. Chop the shallot and add to the spread.

Vegetable Herb Spread

2 dl sun flower seeds
1/2 dl sesamy seeds
1/2 dl almonds
1/2 onion
2-3 table spoons dill
1/2 tea spoons thyme
2 table spoons ketchup
2-3 tea spoons lemon juice
1-2 tea spoons vegetable bouillon
1/2 – 1 dl water
1 table spoon vegetable oil

Again, you can leave out and/or add any spice you like, vary the amounts of ketchup, lemon juice and onion.

Grind the seeds and almonds. Put in a dish. Cut the onion into small chunks and chop the dill. Mix onion, spices, ketchup, lemon juice, bouillon and water into a smooth paste. Add the seed mix, dill and oil and mix carefully. Keep refrigerated in glass jars with tightly fitting lids. Serve on bread. You might try some other kind of nut instead of almonds, if you prefer.

Hummus Tahin

4 dl boiled chick peas
1-2 table spoons tahin (sesamy seed paste)
1-2 table spoons lemon juice
2 table spoons tamari (or other organic soy sauce, like shoyu)
1-2 table spoons garlic
3/4 – 1 dl chick pea water (from the pot where you bolied the chick peas)
some parsley
(you can leave out any spice you like and add one of your choice instead)

Mix or grind the chick peas and add all the other ingredients except for the parsley. Keep mixing it until the paste is smooth. Then add the parsley.

If you want to make your own tahin, it’s easy. All you need are the sesamy seeds and a frying pan. Roast or fry the seeds without any fat. If you like your tahin dark and strong in taste wait until the seeds “pop”. Then you mix them in the food processor or mixer until they form a firm paste. Keep on going for far longer than you might think is necessary. There is nothing wrong, it just takes a very long time.