Vegan food in IKEA and the trains

There was so much excitement earlier this year, when IKEA and our rail services announced that they would start serving something vegan. In both cases, that was a big change.

Well, as usual, things tend to turn out a lot less appealing than you first expect.

IKEA’s ‘meat balls’ that are rather basic – ‘vegetable balls’ served with lettuce or some salad. So no protein. They might still taste great but the trouble is, it’s also a quite expensive dish.

On the trains, they have three or four vegan dishes. Sounds good, right? Turns out they all contain garlic – which I’m allergic to. At least one of them contains ginger and I hate that. All dishes are also quite expensive and the portions are rather small. Now I realize that they can’t accommodate everyone. Being allergic to garlic is quite rare. But doesn’t anyone agree with me that it seems rather unimaginative to serve three or even four dishes with the same seasoning?

Compassionate Canine Companions

Upon discovering the horrors of factory farming, it’s only natural to want to remove one’s support from such cruelty, starting with ceasing the consumption of animal products in one’s own diet.

After a while, it makes sense to wonder if there’s more we can (and should) be doing to minimize our contribution to animal suffering. For example, what are we feeding the family dog(s)?

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We have finally been able to get some of our favorite vegan products (veef, chichi, scheese cheddar ‘cheese’). It’s been months since the last time. Now if only we could get our hands on some tempeh too… (Tofu, at least, is very easy to get).


No matter how much I hate living here, at least I can say that I’m enjoying the summer. The neighbours haven’t been giving us any trouble for quite a while and the rainy/cloudy weather has kept most of them indoors or possibly away travelling.

And then there’s the produce. At the moment we’re enjoying all the fresh vegetables that are available and there will be more soon. Not to mention the strawberries. I really love strawberries, even though I’m slightly sensitive to them. Fortunately, I hardly ever eat enough to actually get the rash. It’s not like when I was a child and the tiniest amount of strawberries could make me break out in an itchy scratchy rash all over. :(

We really should hurry up and fix the cottage up though, because before we know it, it will be autumn again and I’ll find myself stuck in this vile town for another year. Although I must say I dread the winters in that cottage. The roads are the worst aspect of living out there. I worry about not being able to go shopping. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stock up on all kinds of dry food and other stuff so I won’t have to go shopping once or twice a week like we do now.

Different kinds of food

I thought I’d start a new series of posts about a cereal, vegetable, fruit or any other foodstuff. It will just be a short presentation of the foodstuff, but I thought it might be interesting to people who aren’t familiar with it.