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Jan 3

No more snow!

Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2013 in My life

At last! The snow has melted so I can finally go for proper walks. I was so tired of the snow and ice, and although this isn’t nearly as pretty to look at, it’s a lot easier to walk on. Apparently, there will be some more snow today, but according to the weather report it will “quickly turn to rain”. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that, but even more that the weather will dry up.

Unfortunately, the railway has been undermined and yesterday a train nearly fell off the track. Actually, it would have if some brave man hadn’t run on the track and met the train and waved at them to stop. Unbelievable! It’s going to be a while until the track has been repaired so for now, no one can get in or out of town by train.  Though to tell the truth, I don’t know who dares to go by train these days. Nothing works as it should.

Nov 20


Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 in My life

Yesterday afternoon/early evening as it was beginning to get dark, I went out for a walk. After a while, I noticed that I was being followed. By a green plastic bag! LOL. It was filled with air so it was almost like a balloon and it rolled along behind me for a while. I kept looking over my shoulder because it looked a little odd but after a moment it just stopped and lay there. Odd.

Sep 27

Still sore and exhausted

Posted on Saturday, September 27, 2008 in Other

I had to go on another trip down south. This time too, I ended up walking for miles and miles. So just when I was beginning to recover from my first trip, I’m suddenly feeling the same way again. I obviously wasn’t in as good shape as I thought I was, from my daily walks. Time for some powerwalking, I think. As soon as I feel a little better.

Sep 2


Posted on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 in Animals

Today, when I was out walking my sister’s dog, I ran into a girl walking her two dogs. One of them especially, was really sweet. A little dachshund. Lhasa apsos are my favorite, and I also like the other Tibetan breeds, but I am very fond of dachshunds too.

Unlike most dog owners we meet nowadays, this girl actually let the dogs meet and sniff each other, but strangely enough her male dog, a longhaired chihuahua, didn’t like my sister’s dog, and the girl assumed she was a male too. I guess she isn’t familiar with keeshonden. This one is actually quite small even for a female.

So I guess, from my point of view and my sister’s dog’s this was quite a good day.


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