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Dec 23

What would Conan Doyle think?

Posted on Wednesday, December 23, 2015 in Fandomlinks, Literature

I just read an article about literary spinoffs.

Maybe most of these won’t be to my taste. I’ve already read a few ‘modern’ continuations of classic novels and didn’t like them very much, unfortunately. Also, I’ve read reviews and articles about others and found that I probably wouldn’t care much for them either. But that’s just me. Some people might actually love these new versions of their old idols.

What interested me, as a fan fiction writer, was the following:

“Would Conan Doyle have objected to any of this? I like to think not. When the American actor William Gillette was seeking to insert a romantic interest into his stage play featuring Sherlock Holmes, he cabled Conan Doyle with the question May I marry him? – to which the author is reputed to have replied You may marry him, murder him, or do anything you like to him.

Writers ever since have been taking him at his word.”

The quote is from the article I mention above. Sounds like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wouldn’t object to anything we might make up about Sherlock Holmes or for that matter, anything authorised writers and tv producers might make of him. That’s good to know.

Dec 22

Modern sex habits

Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2007 in Other

I keep reading about the modern woman’s sex habits, and that, believe it or not, isn’t why I read the papers. But it’s everywhere.

They like to be forced to have sex by a whole gang of guys. They like it rough, ie the guy treating them roughly. And naturally, the all time favorite – lesbian sex. Not lesbian women. Straight ones. What I can’t understand is how straight women can like that. Isn’t it part of the concept ‘heterosexual’ that you prefer the opposite sex?

Am I the only one who likes the other type of rough? By me, against the guy? Or… now that we’re on that topic – the guys… 😉 Am I alone in being turned on by watching two or three hot guys being together or at least kissing?

I guess I’m hopelessly geeky and “out of things”. Except… if I’m the only entirely straight girl left (not quite true, I know at least one girl who is like me), shouldn’t there be more guys left for me (us)? 🙂

You can always hope. And the rest of you. Good luck! I hope you’ll have a lot of fun in life. As long as no one innocent gets hurt, I hope everyone gets what they want. Just one thing – let me have a couple of those guys you don’t want anyway, ok? 🙂


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