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Jun 23

Erotic writing…?

Posted on Monday, June 23, 2008 in Writing

I just found out that someone from a radio station had left a comment on one of my blogs, asking me to participate in a radio show about erotic writing. Sure, I write some stories that contain some sex, but that’s not my main goal.

I missed my chance, because that stupid site doesn’t send notifications about blog comments. At first I was really disappointed, but then I thought – is that my only chance to get noticed?

The last time someone wanted me to talk about fan fiction/slash I was ruled out because I wasn’t a teenager and because I live too far away from the paper’s readers. Before that, I was interviewed on tv, but it wasn’t because of my writing, it was because of my association with slash. Fair enough. I was happy to provide info about that, since it’s one of my favorite genres.

But – I don’t write very erotic stories. What little sex there is in my writing, can’t be described as ‘erotic’. At least I don’t think so. I want to be noticed because I write interesting, entertaining stories. Because I’m a good writer.

On the other hand, I don’t want to stop writing what I do. I have reasons for every choice I make in the plot and characterization. Besides, if I gave up writing stories with any kind of sexual content, then apparently, no one would bother about me and my writing.

It feels frustrating. I’m never going to be a good erotic writer. That’s not my thing. And clearly, I’m not getting noticed for my writing either. Oh, well, that’s just typical.


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