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Nov 3

Serenissima by Erica Jong

Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 in Literature

I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about this book. Of course it’s been ages since I read it, but today I suddenly remembered and looked it up on Goodreads. As so often happens, there were mixed reviews. What I remember of this book was great. I loved it. Most people seemed to find it really awful. I wonder why.

I loved the time travel. The erotic content was ok, but since then I’ve read a lot of fan fiction and slash so I think if I read it again I might find it rather tame. Or not. I really need to find the book and try again.

This isn’t really a review, more a sort of brief note to myself. If I find the book I’ll definitely read it again and then I’ll probably write a proper review.

Oh and the edition I posted on Booklikes and Leafmarks is not the actual edition I read. Mine was translated into Swedish and I think it came as a freebie on the big annual book fair. When I was a kid, we got actual printed books as freebies sometimes. 🙂

Apr 20

Maria Lang – Crimes of Passion

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2015 in Books, Mystery/Cop, Reviews

A while back I posted a review of Josephine Tey’s novels. It occurred to me that Swedish mystery author Maria Lang (Dagmar Lange), is in some ways similar to this author. Unfortunately, I can’t offer you a page with freebies, but there are two e-book titles available in English, on and on

I have read a few of her books (in Swedish) and so far I can’t say I have noticed anything political in her writing. What I do see is quite a bit of passion. Her characters are all filled with passion and jealousy. Most, if not all, seem to be motivated by love and sex.

The main characters are Puck (a young woman) who’s a scholar in literature. At the beginning of the series, she meets an attractive young man who is also a scholar, Einar Bure. He has a very good friend, Christer Wijk, who is a cop.

I love this mystery-solving trio. They work so well together. And having a background in fan fiction and slash, I can’t help thinking I could write some really cool fan fiction about them, preferably with a bit of slash. 😉 Something tells me the author might understand the slash, if not the concept of fan fiction – although I know there was fan fiction written early on, based on Jane Austen’s books and the Sherlock Holmes books. Apparently, Maria Lang’s mystery writing colleague Dorothy Sayers was a member of the Sherlock Holmes fandom.

From that first case, the three keep working together solving crimes. The mysteries are quite cosy, but like I said, they were at the time (1940’s and on) considered rather ‘erotic’. Don’t get your hopes up though, what was considered erotic in the 1940’s and 50’s is not what we would call the same thing. They’re a lot of fun to read for someone like me, who is interested in history. The cover art is beautiful and evokes the look of the era, if I may say so. I have seen one of the movies – looking forward to seeing the rest soon – that have recently been made from the first six books (that were recently re-published). It’s really fascinating to see all the details – architecture, cars, fashion, furniture etc. The books are never too graphic or depressing. It’s all just good old-fashioned puzzle mystery fun. Maria Lang also caused a bit of a stir, when one of her characters was gay, long before that became common in literature.

On one of my blogs I’ve already mentioned this, but once when my mum was very young and a student, she used to go to the opera all the time, escorted by an older, married male classmate. They went to all the shows and after a while they began to notice that this author was ‘stalking’ them, taking notes, always looking away, ignoring them if they caught her staring. In the end, my mum and her classmate, who, for the record, weren’t involved, ended up as a young married couple in one of the books.

Jun 23

Erotic writing…?

Posted on Monday, June 23, 2008 in Writing

I just found out that someone from a radio station had left a comment on one of my blogs, asking me to participate in a radio show about erotic writing. Sure, I write some stories that contain some sex, but that’s not my main goal.

I missed my chance, because that stupid site doesn’t send notifications about blog comments. At first I was really disappointed, but then I thought – is that my only chance to get noticed?

The last time someone wanted me to talk about fan fiction/slash I was ruled out because I wasn’t a teenager and because I live too far away from the paper’s readers. Before that, I was interviewed on tv, but it wasn’t because of my writing, it was because of my association with slash. Fair enough. I was happy to provide info about that, since it’s one of my favorite genres.

But – I don’t write very erotic stories. What little sex there is in my writing, can’t be described as ‘erotic’. At least I don’t think so. I want to be noticed because I write interesting, entertaining stories. Because I’m a good writer.

On the other hand, I don’t want to stop writing what I do. I have reasons for every choice I make in the plot and characterization. Besides, if I gave up writing stories with any kind of sexual content, then apparently, no one would bother about me and my writing.

It feels frustrating. I’m never going to be a good erotic writer. That’s not my thing. And clearly, I’m not getting noticed for my writing either. Oh, well, that’s just typical.


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