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Dec 7

I get so tired…

Posted on Monday, December 7, 2009 in Whining

Sometimes I get so tired of people. I keep looking for new friends online or offline and many times (fortunately not always – you guys know who you are) the ones who share my interests are the worst. When I go to forums, communities, groups, message boards etc, I seem to run into threads that give me a headache. Self-appointed experts are telling others off for allegedly doing something wrong or not doing something they’re supposed to do and so on. Why can’t we just stick together? Why do we have to stab each other in the back? By ‘we’, naturally I mean ‘they’. ūüėČ Sigh. I seem to have hit a really bad patch right now.

Jan 23

The day I almost became a criminal

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 in Other

I have always been a very calm, quiet and well-behaved girl. Too well-behaved at times, you might say.

One day I found out that the principal of the school where my mother was working had brought a school bag covered in vomit and shown it to my mom. He was convinced that it had been one of the children with learning disabilities who was responsible for the soiled bag. He made my mom clean it up. The day after, everyone found out that it had been one of the so called ‘normal’ students who had vomited on the bag.

That made me come extremely close to committing a crime. I was seized by an almost irreisstible urge to slash the tires of the principal’s car. But unfortunately, my upbringing and my natural shyness prevented me from doing it. Unfortunately, yeah.

If I’d been able to release that anger back then, I might not have felt so impotent now. It sucks big time being this nice and timid. But I guess it’s just something I have to accept.

Oh, and by the way, if my dear, sorely missed dad had taken the call from the police, I’m pretty sure he would have replied: Slashed some tires? Not my daughter. She was watching tv with me all evening.

Dad was good at that kind of thing. He saved me once, when I’d neglected to go to one of those pointless sports days in high school. I hadn’t even asked him or prepared him for the possibility that my teacher might call. Nice one. Thanks, dad!


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