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Apr 11

Alternatives to Google, Facebook, Windows Live,Yahoo…

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 in Other

Time for an updated post about some great alternatives to the big players on the internet. I like them. You might not even be looking for any, but if you do or if you’re just looking for something new, you might find something interesting here.


Ixquick  – (available in many languages)


Gmx (free, quite a lot of space and other cool features)  (quite good email service, imap, not pop in the free version)
Icerocket  (ok web email)  (powered by the same service as GMX) (for those of us who care about animals)


Jabber info (for the computer or smartphone – use Adium for the computer or IM+  on your phone)
Touch (for your smartphone)

Photo Album



Care2 (free donations, petitions, e-cards…)
Goodreads  (book community)

Blog/Tumblelog, (available in English and many other languages)
Dreamwidth (blog community like Livejournal – just as fan fiction friendly)
Soup (if you have Tumblr or any of a number of other webb services you can set up an automatic import)


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