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Posted on Friday, December 25, 2015 in Writing

As I’ve mentioned before I’m trying really hard to finish all my works in progress and also a number of others that I want to start and finish before the end of January. I know it’s probably not a good idea to rush things, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to wait for years to write these stories, if you know what I mean.

Today I finished proofreading and editing the last book I finished (last night) and I was determined to start on the next one. Now I have. I mean, it’s nothing much, just a couple of thousand words, but I didn’t want to waste this day on doing nothing. Normally, I would have waited a few days at least, maybe weeks, to sort of ‘recharge my creative batteries’ but in this particular situation I can’t. The trouble is, I don’t seem to feel as much for this story as I did the others I recently finished. Also, I was far more enthusiastic about this idea a while back, say six months ago, than I am now. Now it’s almost boring me. That’s not a good start.

I have several others I could get to work on, but I thought I’d try a little harder with this one first. Maybe it will feel better tomorrow, once I get further into the story.

I have two other ideas, that may not be enough for two full length novels but at least novellas. (Actually more than that, but I’ll start with these.) The weird thing is, I feel very strongly about them, especially one of them, but I still wasn’t able to get the first couple of sentences written.

If I can’t do anything about the one I got started on, I might switch to one of the others.

Lately, I’ve been doing that a lot. Writing two or more at the same time. Weird. It’s the first time I’ve managed to do that. And it’s worked out quite well too, as far as I can tell.

It’s like this friend of my sister’s. He’s a computer programmer. When his place of work has an internet outage and he can’t get any actual work done, guess what he does? He brings out his iPad and programs for himself, just for fun.

So while I was taking a break from finishing one story I was already writing another. To be honest, life is so difficult right now, it’s great to be able to escape into my writing. I’d do it with reading too, if it weren’t for the fact that I read too fast and I tend to finish my books so soon I’d run out if I didn’t hold back a bit.

So, just wish me luck, ok? I really do have to finish these books before the end of January. Also, keep your fingers crossed that I can find the whole book I’ve been working on for over ten years on my old crashed computer, when my sister finally gets around to ‘performing surgery’ on it.

I think I can manage the other one on my own. When I had to stop there, I was doing so well. It was outside influences that forced me to leave off there, but I still know exactly what to do from there. As long as I get it back (from the crashed computer), I should be able to finish it pretty soon. All I need to do is find a new and better title for it, but that’s the least of my problems. I might want to change the title of the older work too, but I’ll see about that. Maybe I’ll add a poll or ask you guys to help out with that later on. If I get to finish it soon.

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