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Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 in Whining

Our neighbors are harassing us. It’s been going on for years. From the time my dad died. I guess they think they can pick on mom now that she’s a widow. They report us anonymously for all kinds of things. The funny thing is that when these complaints against us are investigated, it turns out we haven’t done anything wrong. And still all this goes on. We can’t do anything to defend ourselves.

That’s why I’ve decided on a course of action. Since they can do this to us, I’ll do the same to them. I’m going to report them, anonymously, for all kinds of things. If the investigations show that they aren’t guilty of what they’ve been accused of, it doesn’t matter, right? We can’t complain. That has to mean they can’t either. Right?

Just in case, so that things don’t get any worse for us, I’ll wait until we’ve moved out. We’re trying to get away from here. It’s not that easy, but as soon as we’ve managed it, I’m going to get my revenge on these neighbors. In a perfectly legal way. Exactly like they’ve been harassing us for all these years. I can hardly think of any people who deserve it more.

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