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The Boy in the Dress, UK 2014

Posted on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 in Movies, Reviews

I was able to watch this movie for free online, on Swedish tv:s Play service, which was cool. On IMDB there was a review that gave this really nice movie just one star out of ten (making a negative comparison with the book it’s apparently based on), which I think is unfair. Of course, I haven’t read the book, and actually I’d like to do that, but since I haven’t, I enjoyed the movie.

It’s about a boy, Dennis, living in the UK. His life is boring and depressing. His mother has left the family, that also consists of Dennis’ father and older brother. Dennis only fun in life is football (and his best friend and team mate, Darvesh). And Dennis really is good. He’s the star of his football team. However, his dad has fallen into a deep depression and misses his former wife so badly, he isn’t really there for his sons. There are many sad little details to illustrate this state of affairs. For instance, Dennis’ dad has burned all the photos of his former wife, except for one that Dennis is able to hide away, only slightly singed. Dad no longer comes along to watch the football games, but Darvesh (best friend) and his mum are always there so at least Dennis has that.

One day when he goes to Raj’s news agent’s shop, he catches sight of Vogue and is obsessed. He instantly loves all the glamour, which is both funny and touching in a little boy who is so very ‘boyish’ in every way.

Everyone in school, admires a girl named Lisa, who is a bit of a rebel, loves fashion and dreams of being a fashion designer. One day she discovers that Dennis too is reading Vogue and they become friends. She soon finds out that Dennis loves her dresses and makes him try one on, then later makes him one of his own. To try it out, she dares him to walk to the news agents’ where miraculously Dennis isn’t recognized. Lisa introduces him as her new exchange student friend, Denise, from France.

Later, when Dennis is feeling very depressed, he wants to try his disguise in school, and though Lisa seems a bit hesitant, they soon stage the deception. They’re even able to get past the school secretary who is watching over the students’ school uniform and every single little differences is noted and punished.

At first the experience is everything Dennis was hoping it would be, but after a while complications ensue.

I won’t go into what happens next, but despite the complications and trouble eventually, the movie ends quite happily. Like I mentioned above, it’s a very nice, feelgood movie, with funny characters, great acrors and a very interesting story too.

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