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How a slash story is born

Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 in Other

Many times there are male characters in various fandoms, which I find enormously sexy and fascinating, but I’d never want them myself, if they existed, and if I had a chance with them. They would, however, suit some other male character. That’s one of my reasons for writing slash. For instance, I can ask myself a few questions.

Is he hot? Is he nice? Is he interesting in other ways?

Fine. If he is, would he make a good boyfriend for the female character I can identify with the most?

Even if there isn’t someone like that in the fandom, you might be able to find one in another fandom, which goes well with the guy’s fandom. It’s called a crossover. Otherwise, you might be able to make up an original character. Well, it’s possible, but the readers tend to ignore the original character or avoid a story with one. I can understand that. Despite that, I sometimes use one in my stories. I might feel the need for an original character for some reason.

Even if that isn’t possible, there might be another male character in the same fandom, who might be a good match for the first guy. I won’t go into the fanfics which don’t require any pairing at all. Pairing means – well, the two people who become a couple, in the fic. Some types of fanfics aren’t suitable for het adult or slash.

Still, say that it is one that’s suitable for some type of pairing, the guy might still not be compatible with me (or in this case, my alter ego). He might still be a good match or one of the other male characters.

It’s hard to say exactly why. One reason might be that I can’t imagine being submissive in any relationship. That means I wouldn’t like to write about a relationship in which the female is submissive. Even if the man isn’t exactly dominant, he might still be too tough and outgoing. I still wouldn’t match him with a female character.

Of course the man might be typically gay, in which case the pairing with come naturally. He just has to have a male partner.

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