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23 statements about me – meme

Posted on Saturday, July 4, 2015 in My life, Other

I found this meme on two Swedish book blogs.

My name is Camilla, but I often call myself MilliLinnea or Ilirwen.
At the moment, I’m a bit sick.
I’m good at spelling and proofreading, which is good, because that’s actually my job)
I don’t like cruelty to animals, neighbours, bicyclists, mean people in general.
I’m bad at being social (in real life, online it works a bit better).
I’m reading (at the moment – a Swedish historic non-fiction book about an eighteenth century lady, married to the king’s brother).
I like books, history, languages (and also historic tv-series).
I sing (not at all, because I don’t have a good singing voice).
I love my family, including the four-legged kids, and also practically all animals in the world.
I’m not particularly good at doing practical things, unfortunately.
I prefer tea to coffee (but love iced water), the countryside/the woods to urban areas (but like cities better than small towns, usually).
I like tasty vegetables like avocado, kale, zucchini, chocolate and home made bread.
I’m addicted to books, of course. 🙂
I’m wearing a blue long-sleeved t-shirt and blue sweatshirt pants.
I’m drinking – nothing at the moment, but I just had a big glass of ice cold water, because it’s hot outside.
I listen to older music, that is classical (especially baroque music) and a bit older pop and rock (80’s and 90’s).
I get angry at stupidity, especially at how extremely cocky stupid people are, it’s dangerous, see below.
I’m scared of everything bad that’s happening in the world today.
I wish for a better future, for my family and for others.
I’m embarrassingly bad at doing practical things, even pretty simple things, like ironing clothes.
I grew up in West Gothia, Sweden where I’d love to stay, but unfortunately, in a dreadful little town that I’d love to move away from.

I also found a few extras on one of the blogs, and I wanted to add those too.

I’m exceptionally good at – hm – I’m not sure if I am exceptionally good at anything, but like I mention above, I am pretty good at spelling, grammar, proofreading and editing text, and also languages, like English and French.
I like that I dream of big changes for the better, for myself and the world. That is, I dare to dream about getting a fresh start, when I’ve got a bit stuck in life.

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