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Another concert in Second Life

Posted on Saturday, February 7, 2015 in My life

Last night I found time in my busy schedule (LOL) to attend a concert in Second Life. Actually, I had to postpone watching Shetland and again, I didn’t have time to chat with my fandom and vegan friends (I really need to find the time to do that soon). The concert was performed by Bara Johnson and Free Roos.

Swedish Bara Johnson became known to a bigger audience when he appeared in the Emmy nominated HBO documentary ‘When strangers click‘. He was discovered in Second Life but is now both a virtual and a real life performer (singer/songwriter). I wasn’t feeling well and haven’t been for a while now. Headaches, neck pain and a sore arm. I’m not sure what’s going on. I was afraid it was something to do with my medication or rather the condition and I’m taking it for, but I know I have a cold coming on, so it’s most likely that.

Back to the concert. When I heard that Bara Johnson was back in Second Life, I knew I’d have to make time to listen to him and his new partner and bandmate Free Roos.

Bara Johnson

Unfortunately, this evening, I managed to make a fool of myself (or rather my avatar did). I couldn’t find my dance animation for a while. Maybe no one noticed, but it felt incredibly awkward to just be standing around when everyone else was dancing. I found out that I had another performer’s group activated, meaning it showed above my avatar’s head. Actually, I saw that some other avatars had other groups activated as well, so again, maybe it wasn’t that serious, but I was embarrassed all the same. Then I managed to somehow jump in behind a sort desk (mixerboard?) to stand beside the ‘dj’ (that was just a bot, so she wouldn’t have noticed anyway), but still. Then finally, I managed to jump backwards out of the bar. It made me feel like a total newbie/noob.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable evening.

Hottie in the audience

I’d expected Bara (real name Jonas) to speak like he comes from the north. It must have been the documentary that made me believe that, because at the time he was living up north. Actually, he speaks with a very ‘southern’ accent in Swedish, like the people in Wallander should do, but usually don’t (in Stockholm, apparently they imagine that people all over Sweden speak as they do). It must have been because he was speaking English in the documentary that I didn’t notice.

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