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Kids’ Culture – in Books and Elsewhere

Posted on Monday, December 17, 2007 in Other

Strangely enough, books for kids seem to be a little better att equality than books for grownups (at least here, in my country). Maybe that’s because the writer or the publishers are actively working on writing – or publishing – politically correct books. You very rarely find a book advocating a relationship where the female hero is submissive. Fortunately. That would be hard to take. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of vile books about princesses and fairies. Little girls are encouraged to identify with pink, sweet little ladies, if they’re not playing with the dreadful Bratz dolls.

If I had a daughter, and I sincerely wish I did, she’d never get to read a magazine about princesses or a book about a similar theme. That’s horrid and disgusting. They say the children of the 1970’s felt inhibited by the unisex fashion prevalent when they were growing up. That’s odd. I can’t understand that. When I’m able to find clothes I like, I always manage to find something that feels like female clothing, but with none of the lace, frills and blouses that you tie. I abhor all that.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a little girl. If I did, I’d have had to go looking for clothes for her, among pink, low cut, ultra short rags. It would drive me crazy. On the other hand, lucky me, I have a mom and a sister who can sew. My kids, if I have any, won’t have to wear any of that crap.

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