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Fandom Survey/Meme

Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 in Fandom

Choose your top three fandoms (in random order):

Robin Of Sherwood
X files
Dr Who
(It’s very hard to choose just three when there are so many…)

The first character you fell in love with:

Robin (the first Robin)
The Doctor (Nine)

The character you never expected to love so much:

The Sheriff (He’s so funny.)
Scully: She’s really cool.
Hard to say, maybe Rory, I didn’t know what to expect at first.

The character you’re most like:

Melissa Scully
Donna Noble, I guess. I’m not very much like anyone really, but maybe her.

The character you’d slap:

Will Scarlet. I just don’t like him.
Frohike or Langly (Or rather both of them)
Maybe Donna’s mother or Martha’s or maybe Rose’s – do I detect a pattern here?

Three favourite characters:

Robin, Robin and Guy of Gisburne.
Mulder, Krycek, Scully
The Doctor (of course), Jack Harkness and Donna Noble. If Jack doesn’t count as         being from Dr Who, I’ll say Rory.

Your OTP:

Robin and Marion.
Mulder and Scully (predictable, I know)
Jack Harkness and pretty much anyone – or Amy and Rory.

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