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So disappointed…

Posted on Thursday, September 11, 2008 in Whining

I can’t help being disappointed. Today I saw for myself for the first time what my LiveJournal looks to people who are not logged in – ie the majority of my friends. Maybe I’m being unreasonable, but I deliberatey chose a ‘basic’ account, so I could have a nice looking journal, without many of the features the paid accounts get. And now they’ve found a way to cheat us twice over. We get the basic features but we still have to endure the ads.

I just hate ads on a site. Usually anyway. I know of a few sites where first of all the ads are so unobtrusive they don’t offend me and I don’t even notice them unless I go look for them, secondly, the ads are usually to the point. I’ll find merchandise and services that I’m interested in. But in general, ads are an eyesore. And now LJ has joined the ranks of those moneygrabbers. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. If LJ hadn’t been such a nice community I’d leave, but from now on, I don’t think I’ll blog there anymore, I’ll just post a link to my real blog/homepage. Anyone interested in my posts will have to click a link and leave the site.

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