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Jun 16

This depressing town is getting me down

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 in My life, Whining

Today I went do some grocery shopping and to go to the chemist’s/pharmacy. Some errands were a success and some weren’t. I even managed to sneak a peak at the magazines at the library, though I really needed to get to the shop so I could get back home again as soon as possible. On the way there, I saw a pretty impressive old ship at the waterfront. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo.

It’s just that this town really gets me down. You’ve heard it before, I know, but I really, really hate this town. Some of it’s probably not so bad, for some people, it’s just not the right fit for me. For instance, I hate living next to a big lake (and would hate living next to the sea). To make matters worse, there’s also a big river nearby. But after all, that’s just details, compared to all the mean, depressing people and the lack of culture. Actually, outside of Stockholm and Scania, this town really works quite hard at offering cultural events (though 99 % of the people going are at least 70, so I always feel a bit out of place). Unfortunately, that’s not enough. There are fewer books in the library. Fewer items for sale. Most things, but fortunately not all, are more expensive than in larger towns. If I’d liked it here, I’d probably be able to overlook many of the minor problems, but I don’t think a population of mean, unreliable, unpleasant people is a minor problem. It’s huge.

Sigh. I don’t like the bigger town that much better, but I always feel better when I get back from there. I think it’s because fewer people there are actually from this area originally. Many people have moved there from all over the country to work in the factories. I wish I could live in the countryside close to a big town. To go into town to do the shopping and to be able to return home in the evening. That way I’d get a break from all the unpleasantness.

Sorry about all the whining. I do try to stay cheerful and I try not to post if I’m feeling down, but sometimes I just need to vent a little.

Jun 10

Book related problems

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 in Literature, My life, Whining

Last night, just before I was going to go to sleep, I found out that the short story I had bought for my Kindle (or at least I thought I had) hadn’t been paid for. There was a message saying the credit card didn’t work properly. Which it should. I know there’s money on it. And I found out that the last time I’d tried to download the latest bunch of freebies, I’d left wifi on, so the battery was almost empty. That sort of thing really annoys me.

Another thing that irritates me is that the ‘new’ (2013) Maria Lang mysteries (books from the late 1940’s and 1950’s that have been published again in new editions) are no longer available as printed books, only as extremely expensive e-books. The next book in the series, the one I was going to read next can no longer even be borrowed at the library (as an e-book, that is). I was going to buy the whole seriea (the six first mysteries, which were the ones that have been published again) because of the lovely cover art and the old-fashioned fun puzzles. Now I realize that I won’t be able to. What a stupid thing to do – start this project and then not print enough books for everyone who wants them. Even more annoyingly, I have only managed to see one of the movies – for some reason, I missed them when they were on one of the commercial Swedish channels.

In fact, today has been rather an annoying day, unfortunately. For instance, I noticed that my new sunglasses weren’t where I’m sure I put them. And finally the sun was shining after weeks of rain. I wanted to go back to the library and sit down and read for a couple of hours but it was so hot and I’d already gone for my normal walk so in the end I didn’t go. Hopefully, I’ll go tomorrow. Except I also need to take the bus to another town and get some things done (among other things getting my Cybook Odyssey fixed). I might go to that town’s library instead and maybe borrow the mystery I wanted to read as an e-book because they actually have a copy of one the new editions. If the online search can be relied on.

May 3

A bit of whining

Posted on Sunday, May 3, 2015 in My life, Whining

Grr. Just when the weather is getting so nice, I have a cold. It’s only been a few days and I’m sure I’ll get better soon, but at the moment, it’s really frustrating. No writing (still suffering from writer’s block), mum’s got her broken finger and her allergic itch and is convinced it’s never going to end, and my sister also has this cold, just when she has to be mentally alert to finish the work for her course. I guess I just feel stressed out about everything that needs to be done. Now. And I can only do the mere basics, because of this cold. Sorry about the whining.

Apr 8

A bit of whining…

Posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 in My life, Whining

On Monday, my sister and I went up to see a house, very close to our cottage. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but our thinking was that this house has indoor plumbing which our place doesn’t. Considering how expensive these things can be, we thought we might be able to save a bit on that (at least if we could bid lower than the owners really want). Instead, we were uncomfortably reminded of how very isolated both houses are. So we probably won’t make a bid, even though it’s a very nice little house, just not quite as awesome as our own. I just wish someone we knew, some friend or relative would want it, but we don’t really have anyone like that.

That’s not what I was going to whine about though. When we were getting ready to leave the bus, we pressed the buzzer and stood waiting by the sliding back door. We thought we did everything right, but the driver just kept driving past our stop and one other and wouldn’t have stopped there either, if I hadn’t started calling out and a nice passenger got up and yelled at him. He stepped on the brakes and let us off, without a word of apology. I think that he was running late and didn’t want to bother with letting us off. Bastard. He left us in the middle of a rather intensely trafficked road (one not built for all that traffic), trying to avoid being hit. One more reason not to move out there, unfortunately.

Another reason is that even when we did get to the nearest town, there wasn’t that much to choose between in the shops, especially for us vegans. Still, both shops were open, even on The Second Day of Easter (whatever that’s called in English…?).

May 27

So tired of this…

Posted on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 in My life, Whining

It turns out things were not alright after all. The hospital can’t prescribe medication for me, since I’m not a patient there. My ‘own’ doctor should do that, and she refuses. Now I’ve signed up to go to one of the other clinics in this town. If they won’t help me either, I’ll have to go private, which will cost me a lot more. :/ But really, it’s not ok to do this. I’m a Swedish citizen, living in this town. They can’t all refuse to help me. I have a medical condition that needs to be fixed. I should press charges, but if I have to call the police I already know what will happen. There’s this old fat lazy woman who is just waiting for her pension. She won’t do anything. I know that. Long story, that I won’t go into here. I should probably just call the private clinic, which is in Gothenburg, about an hour away. Sigh.

May 24

Update again

Posted on Saturday, May 24, 2014 in My life, Whining

If anyone’s still interested in the ongoing saga of my health problems, here’s an update. On Thursday, I spent nearly an hour on the phone, trying to get to the person I wanted and only got two different voices on the answering machine. (One telling me that it was no use waiting, and to call again some other time.) Once I was even redirected to a switchboard outside the region. Then I called the clinic back and asked if I could switch doctors and was told it wouldn’t make a difference because she/he would say the same thing and basically refused. I may not have posted about it in the past, but this doctor has been so difficult over the several years I’ve been seeing her (in a manner of speaking – I have probably talked to her twice over the years and never seen her face to face). Anyway, I despaired and gave up.

Then I called again on Friday and it took a while but I finally got through. When I told the nurse what I wanted, she sounded really puzzled. Apparently, it really was as weird as I thought, referring me back to the hospital that I had been discharged from nearly two months ago.

She promised to talk to a doctor that I’d already met at the maternity care clinic and have her prescribe my medication and then call me back to let me know. I also told her that I was considering switching clinics because of all the trouble over the years, more than I will mention here, and got some interesting info. Now I’ll definitely switch back to the one I left nearly ten years ago.

May 21

New update about my health

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in My life, Whining

In case you haven’t tired yet of my health situation, I have another update. This morning, while I was still asleep, the nurse called to let me know what the doctor had said. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it over to the phone before it stopped ringing. She didn’t call back for several hours, making it impossible for me to go back to sleep. Not surprisingly (this doctor is like that) she ‘couldn’t say’ anything because she didn’t know what medication I’d been on (flimsy excuse.) I’d actually told the nurse, this Monday, and she didn’t look that old to me, that she should be forgetful, but maybe stress will do it. So I told her what meds I had been on and other info she asked for. This time she called back more or less right away and told me the doctor didn’t want to be involved., since it was the doctors at the hospital who had prescribed the meds. Never mind that they told me to return to this having been discharged from the hospital.

Back to square one. Not that I was all excited to start taking those meds again – I suspect that one side effect is headache – but this was at least a step on my road to complete recovery. Grr. Why do people always have to be so difficult?

Sorry about the whining.

Oct 14

This town…

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2013 in My life, Whining

Grr. Today my mom and I went shopping. The thing is, my mom has some trouble with her eyesight (for a number of reasons, among them a stubborn eye inflammation and an old injury from when she was in school – a snowball thrown right into her eye!). While we were passing the cash register and mom was trying to punch in her code for her credit card (and was having a bit of trouble with that) I noticed that the woman sitting behind the cash register was laughing and making faces at the woman standing behind us in line. Obviously, they found my mom’s trouble with the digital display funny. I glared angrily at them, but I don’t think they took any notice. They were older than me, and anyway, this type of trouble can happen to anyone, so it may be in their respective futures too. This town is driving me up the wall. I don’t know what I’ll do if we can’t get away from here very soon.

Jun 17

A bit of whining

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 in My life, Whining

I had to go back to the clinic to do a test again. Usually, when that happens, I don’t have to pay for the second visit, but this time I did. It wasn’t all that expensive so it wasn’t so bad, but I sort of felt cheated. Especially since I actually had (or might have) a problem. As far as problems go, this one doesn’t seem to be so serious, but it’s still making me nervous, because I also have another, bigger problem, that I don’t seem to be able to do anything about. Again, some people might not think this is much of a problem, but to me it is. A really big problem. But there’s nothing I can do about it now, other what than I’m already doing, so I’m just going to try and forget about that for the time being.

Another thing that’s bothering me is that my DVD rental club that I’ve been in for a couple of years is closing down. This is the club that has made it possible for me to watch all the movies and tv series everyone else seems to be able to get, but not my family. Most people will just move on to other similar services, but we checked it out and found that most of our series and movies won’t be available anywhere else. And we only have about three weeks to go until the old club closes down. That doesn’t give us a lot of time to finish our series. Still, we’ve signed up for a couple of free trials to watch what we can on other services and we’ll make the most of these three weeks or so that we have left in the first club. But it really bothers me. It’s so unfair. Just because my sister and I belong to a minority group when it comes to our choice of tv series and movies to watch, our days of watching our favorite tv series and movies are over. Even if things are slowly getting better again on Swedish national tv, there’s still so much we miss. Even when it comes to American and English tv series, we’ll miss out on a lot, and when it comes to stuff from other countries (i e Sweden, France etc) we’ll probably miss out on everything. Still, on the bright side, we’ll be able to watch the few tv series we will get to watch all at once. And we’ll get to see some Classic Dr Who! At least that’s something.

Sigh. Alright, end of whining for now. Sorry about that.

May 24

Missing Tumblr

Posted on Friday, May 24, 2013 in My life, Whining

I’m already missing Tumblr, even though I’ve just left. Although I’ve been a little fed up with all the reblogs, I do miss seeing all those fanpics on my dashboard. Where will I get my fandom fix now? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the fic recs I get on Livejournal, but I need photos too. WordPress doesn’t have them. Soup doesn’t either, but it should. It’s just as easy to share images and videos on Soup as it is on Tumblr. In fact, it’s easy on WordPress too, but I realize that isn’t the best place to look for copyrighted images.

Another thing I miss are the wonderful book blogs with book quotes and cartoons about books and reading.

Finally, I miss the food porn. All those yummy vegan dishes. Can I just have that on Soup?

Why, oh why, did Yahoo have to buy Tumblr? Of course, this misery is the perfect distraction from life’s greater sorrows, so there’s that, I suppose. Alright, never mind. As long as I can have a few fanpics (come on, Livejournal and Dreamwidth, help me out here), some book-related images (thanks, Booklikes!) and just a little vegan food porn (WordPress, Livejournal, Bleat…?)


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