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Mar 7

New veg*an sites

Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2013 in Other, Veganism

Lately, I have joined two new veg*an sites with chat rooms, that I really like. Also, I’m waiting impatiently for the launch of another. This is a short ‘review’ of those sites.

First of all, Happy Cow. The site offers a list of veg*an and veg*an-friendly restaurants and shops all over the world. I have known about this site for years, but only joined recently. Members can post reviews of these restaurants and shops. They also get a profile page. They also have a blog, message boards, private messaging and a very nice chat room. is a similar site, with chat room, directory, message board etc. Most, but not all, members are from the UK. You don’t need to sign up anywhere to join, but there are advantages to signing up. For instance, you can use the same ID all the time, so people recognize you. Also, you can get a short profile so people can check out who you are and what you stand for.

It’s been ages since I last had a veg*an chat room to hang out in, so it’s great. Most of the time, there’s at least one other person around to chat with. I can’t say that I’ve made any close friends, but at the moment, it’s just nice to hang out with like-minded people.

Bleat, finally, looks very promising, even though, of course, I haven’t used it yet, since it hasn’t been launched yet.

This is what it says on the site:

So, what’s all this talk about Bleat?

For vegans everywhere, something big is about to happen…
Say hello to Bleat.

If you’re a vegan trying to find vegan friendly restaurants, looking for the latest recipes or just interested in meeting other vegans, all you have to do is Bleat. If you’re a vegan concerned for the rights of animals, have questions about a raw-only diet or simply perplexed about pulses just Bleat. Even if you’re a non-vegan and you’re simply contemplating the idea of a vegan lifestyle – BLEAT!

What’s so great about Bleat?

There’s a lot to discover at Bleat, such as:

    A vast comprehensive vegan resource
    Interact with vegans from all across the globe
    Advice on vegan friendly brands
    Recipes, restaurant guides & reviews
    Information on the welfare of animals

How do we sum Bleat up? Well, Bleat isn’t just a vegan social network and it’s certainly far from just a vegan directory. Simply put, it’s a whole new way to get the absolute most from your vegan lifestyle.

Go on, Bleat about it.

It seems like a great addition to my old favorites, Livejournal (and Dreamwidth), Tumblr and last but not least Care2.

Aug 19

Great veg*an quote

Posted on Friday, August 19, 2011 in Other, Veganism

“I will continue to be a vegetarian even if the whole world started to eat meat. This is my protest against the conduct of the world.”

— Isaac Bashevis Singer – Nobel Prize winning author

Read more:

Aug 16

Some vegan books

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 in Animals, Books, Literature, Veganism

I found these links to books about vegans and/or veganism, that includes fiction about vegans. It’s something I’ve been looking for for quite a while and though I haven’t had time to check them out in detail, I think it’s a really great start. Hopefully I’ll find something I’ll like here.

Arabat by Clive Barker

Fiction with Vegan and AR sensibilities

Vegan Fiction

Vegetarian and Vegan Literature and Fiction

Vegan Novels


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