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Nov 26

A trip to Malmö in the south of Sweden

Posted on Thursday, November 26, 2015 in My life

A few days ago, my friend from Brazil, got in touch, out of the blue, and told me he was coming to Copenhagen and would be going to Malmö in the south of Sweden, over the day. Naturally, he was hoping I’d be able to come and see him, and I told him I wouldn’t want to miss that.

We agreed that I would come on Thursday this week. I was able to work out a trip that could work. That is, if I paid a fortune for a cab at the end of the day, after nine in the evening.

The day started typically for me, with the bus being so late I almost missed my first train and might have had to rebook on the way, that is if that would be enough. If the bus had been any later nothing would have helped.

Getting to Malmö was quite easy after that, but the train, that had left on time, was late on arrival and I have no idea why. And they seems to have changed everything in that central station since I was last there, so it was hard for me to find my way. Eventually, I was able to find my friend and we started walking around in Malmö. Our first stop was a really great Chinese Vegan restaurant that is quite famous for being so good. The food was still great but a little different from the last time I was there four years ago.

A funny thing happened in that restaurant. The Chinese lady who I think owns it, came up to welcome us and indicate a table for us. She also asked what I wanted to drink and I said water (in Swedish). Then she looked at my friend and I told her he’s Brazilian but speaks English too. She immediately asked him if he spoke Mandarin, which he does. He asked me if I’d told her but I hadn’t, so how on Earth could she guess? They said something, presumably very polite to each other, which was fun to hear.

Then, actually like the last time with my friend from Scotland (who is not Scottish, just lives there) we did some sightseeing.

For a while that worked fine, but in the end, I realized I’d been overdoing it a bit. Lazing about for at least two months has clearly ruined my stamina a bit. During the hour or so before my train left, we sat in the railway station, just talking, which was really nice.

The weather was, after a few days of snow and rain and cold, actually quite nice for this time of year. Sunny and not at all cold.

By the time I got back, to my horror, I noticed that my legs had swollen up so maybe it is quite good for me to just sit around, being lazy.

I hate that we’re always going have to take a taxi to get back to the house in the evenings. This taxi service is about three times as expensive as the one we last used and the driver was such a snob, telling me all about how long he’d lived in Russia and how he’d studied national economics and Russian and generally about how great he was. He wasn’t good looking either, like that guy working for the other service. While he was going on about how educated he was, I kept thinking – what? you only know two foreign languages? I thought of telling him about my English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Latin… Not that I’m anywhere near fluent in most of them, but still…

So that was my day. I’m really glad my Brazilian friend I had a chance to meet. It’s a sort of once in a lifetime thing and despite some difficulties, we were able to make it work.

Aug 29

Three places…

Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2015 in Other

In a really annoying tv show on Swedish tv, that my mom keeps watching every evening, they let a celebrity come to the studio and talk about their favorite places to travel to. Though I hate this show, I thought I’d do a post about three favorite places I’ve been to and three more that I’d like to visit some day. Just because…

1. Estonia – I really like Estonia. Whenever I go there, I feel I have travelled a few years into the future. It’s clean, pretty, with nice, helpful people and plenty of interesting things to see. And they have so many wifi hotspots, which is always great for a tourist far away from home.

2. Jämtland (which is a region in the north of Sweden, well strictly speaking it’s in ‘centra’ Sweden about half way up our long country). I used to live here as a child, but I have also gone back there to visit (also as a child). It’s breathtakingly beautiful (just like my home region West Gothia, though in a different way). There’s interesting sightseeing, beautiful scenery and since I used to live there and at such a young age, I was very happy there. Just seeing the images makes me feel a little better.

3. France/Paris. Since I’m interested in history and some of the French culture it’s always fun to do all the sightseeing. I’d also like to see more of France, especially the northern half.

Three places I’d love to visit some day:

1. Bhutan. I’m really interested in Tibetan culture and Bhutanese culture, as far as I know, is very similar to Tibetan. There are plenty of interesting buildings and temples. The scenery is breattaking (but on a whole different level than in Jämtland). I also find the Bhuddist culture fascinating. As far as I can tell, this small country has succeeded in both keeping and holding on to their old customs and managed to enter the 21 century.

2. Sri Lanka. The scenery is (as far as I can tell) beautiful, the culture interesting and I believe most people speak at least some English. I have read that the hotels offer delicious breakfasts consisting entirely of fruit. Here too, there are plenty of interesting old buildings to visit.

3. Italy. Perhaps I don’t even need to go into details about this country. Most people have probably been here several times and find it boring by now. I haven’t been to Italy even once and I would still really like to go. This may sound like more of the same, but I think the scenery, especially in Tuscany and Umbria, is beautiful. Naturally, there are plenty of interesting history (and archaeology) to check out.

Sep 13

Me on a concert again

Posted on Saturday, September 13, 2014 in My life

Wearing my ‘travel’ hair:



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