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Nov 10

Stonehenge Begins to Yield Its Secrets

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 in Links

Discoveries over the last decade have revealed more about the everyday lives of the people for whom the giant monuments held meaning.

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Jan 29

Embarrassing Secrets

Posted on Monday, January 29, 2007 in Other

Blogging is supposed to be personal… so I thought this might be the time for some intimate confessions.

Ok. Here goes. Ready for the first one?

I watch (and like) a tv show on Friday evenings, called ‘The Lyrics Board’. Well, actually it’s the Swedish version, and I suppose you might say that it’s a game show. I know. I hate game shows. This is a bit different though. You have a comedian, who also sings, as the show host, two pianists, quite cool guys, and four contestants making up two teams, centered around those two pianists. These contestants are singers, usually relatively famous, or at times, actors, who also sing.

They have to guess at songs, by picking numbers and behind the screen with the number, they’ll find a word. Two of the six (or five) words are red, which means they have to let the other team continue. Looking at those words they have to guess what song it is, and then sing it. For each word, they have to sing a song too, but that isn’t enough to score a point. There are also other segments, like guessing the intro, guessing scrambled up titles and picking two images (out of six) to sing about, then explain the reasoning behind the choice. With me so far?

This is the first season with a new show host and new team leaders/pianists. Well, I knew about the comedian before, because I’d seen some of his work and I liked him, so I thought why not? The pianists were unknown to me and the Swedish tv audience, but I figured I’d give them a chance. And now I actually like this setup even more than the old one.

There’s a new atmosphere on the show. Kinder. Less confrontational. No one really cares who wins, because the point is seeing the singers act more or less as themselves and listen to them singing. The old show host tended to stare into the women’s cleavage a lot and he’d ignore the male singers, so sometimes he’d award a point to the wrong team. The new guy is impartial. He divides his time equally between the women and the men. It’s actually part of his ‘image’.

But I was confessing stuff. This one is so embarrassing that I hardly dare own up to it. Last year, I suddenly discovered that I liked something I’d always hated before. Tidying up the house. (What? You thought it was something sexual? Shame on you!) Anyway, I enjoy vacuuming and washing the floors. I don’t suppose I need to go into all the dirty details, like why I enjoy it and so on? Sure I have some ideas why, but I don’t want to disgust my poor readers, if I have any.

More confessions? I can’t think of any more at the moment, but if I do recall some, I’ll get back to you. And remember: safe cleaning and tv watching! Don’t slip on any wet floors or get electrocuted.


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