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Oct 2

Getting tired of Wattpad

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2015 in Writing

I’m getting a little tired of Wattpad not working properly. When I started out using it a year or more ago, with my first account, I felt that even though I mainly posted Swedish stories and also a collection of extremely short fics (which really isn’t my thing, normally), I did get a few hits now and then. Sure, I also use Wattpad to find and read the occasional high quality book. And I did have a tiny little bit of interaction with the other users.

Then when I started writing another type of story and wanted somewhere to post it, I got a new account and so far it hasn’t worked at all. The few people I know, who have expressed an interest in reading my stories know me and can easily visit my personal home page to read them. Which makes me wonder what the point is. Maybe Wattpad has changed or – contrary to my expectations – people might actually dislike my new stories, and to some extent they like my old stories. In any case, I don’t really feel that Wattpad is working out for me anymore.

If I want my closest friends and family to read my stories I don’t need Wattpad for that. They can read them any way they like (on my homepage, in an email etc).

Jun 10

Book related problems

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 in Literature, My life, Whining

Last night, just before I was going to go to sleep, I found out that the short story I had bought for my Kindle (or at least I thought I had) hadn’t been paid for. There was a message saying the credit card didn’t work properly. Which it should. I know there’s money on it. And I found out that the last time I’d tried to download the latest bunch of freebies, I’d left wifi on, so the battery was almost empty. That sort of thing really annoys me.

Another thing that irritates me is that the ‘new’ (2013) Maria Lang mysteries (books from the late 1940’s and 1950’s that have been published again in new editions) are no longer available as printed books, only as extremely expensive e-books. The next book in the series, the one I was going to read next can no longer even be borrowed at the library (as an e-book, that is). I was going to buy the whole seriea (the six first mysteries, which were the ones that have been published again) because of the lovely cover art and the old-fashioned fun puzzles. Now I realize that I won’t be able to. What a stupid thing to do – start this project and then not print enough books for everyone who wants them. Even more annoyingly, I have only managed to see one of the movies – for some reason, I missed them when they were on one of the commercial Swedish channels.

In fact, today has been rather an annoying day, unfortunately. For instance, I noticed that my new sunglasses weren’t where I’m sure I put them. And finally the sun was shining after weeks of rain. I wanted to go back to the library and sit down and read for a couple of hours but it was so hot and I’d already gone for my normal walk so in the end I didn’t go. Hopefully, I’ll go tomorrow. Except I also need to take the bus to another town and get some things done (among other things getting my Cybook Odyssey fixed). I might go to that town’s library instead and maybe borrow the mystery I wanted to read as an e-book because they actually have a copy of one the new editions. If the online search can be relied on.

Mar 8

Problems with Character Names

Posted on Sunday, March 8, 2015 in Writing links

Read more here.


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