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Oct 18

Doing some shopping – and more

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2012 in My life

Yesterday I went shopping in the bigger town (“Thn”) that is about ten-fifteen minutes away (by car – a little longer by bus). It’s pathetic really, how different it feels from shopping here. This is probably just me, but I feel more confident there and even thinner (LOL), even though it’s basically the same as this town (“Vbg”), only bigger.

First I want to have my eyes checked up, then looked for new frames. After that I did some grocery shopping. There’s so much more to choose between in this mall, including yummy (soy) ice cream cones.

To finish off I went into the town center to the library to get a library card. Again, there’s so much more to choose from there. A month or so ago, I went to Vbg’s library to look for a couple of books, to maybe sit there and browse through them before I decided if I want to borrow them. It turned out they didn’t have them. The library in Thn did. I wish I’d had time to sit down and look through a few books. Maybe I’ll borrow some next time.

Before I left I checked if they had my two books and they did. They’d even put one of them on the side of one of the bookcases to promote it. I still can’t believe I saw that. It feels completely unreal.


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