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Sep 16

Ramblings about slash and male and female in writing

Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 in Writing

Slash was, apparently, though I had no idea at the time that that was what it was, a relatively early interest for me. I remember thinking up ‘slash’ stories (that were never written) when I was in my early teens. In fact, I had a dream (real night time dream) about two ‘brothers’ in a tv series and at the time, I didn’t even have any idea of what exactly those two had been up to, but it seemed very interesting to me. That continued for a while, until I learned more about gay relations etc. I didn’t know anyone who wrote either slash stories or for that matter fan fiction. Maybe it’s because I’m from a rather ‘provincial’ country or that I’m pretty old by now (I hope my readers are now saying no, you’re not!) but I remember people talking about gay relations as being somehow wrong or sick. Another example: I have a second cousin, who’s quite nice, but maybe a bit simple. Some pop stars came up in conversation (this guy loves pop music) and I mentioned that they were gay, and he said: no way, they seem so well behaved (as in well brought up or civilized, I guess). I didn’t get his meaning – well, in a way I did, but it seemed so totally irrelevant. So clearly in his family (not very surprising, because you really should know a few things about his mother), it’s the way they think about gay people.

From about the same time I began to get my slash ideas, I tried to write (extremely bad) romantic stories about straight couples, but they tended to bore me in the end. Traditional couples don’t interest me. I always like something different, like f/m or the woman being older etc. Not that I even like ‘pure’ romances or will write them. It’s also extremely difficult to write a good straight pairing in fan fiction, because precious few female characters are any good, to be brutally honest. That leaves you to invent an original character, which isn’t very popular, but I have done it in the past (no Mary Sue, more like an anonymous, independent watcher from outside the group the writing is about) or to improve the female character so that I like her, which may not be very popular either, because everyone has a different view of what is a ‘good’ female character.

In original fiction, I’ve been told it’s not really popular to write about female characters (at least in children’s books) because apparently, girls can be expected to read all books, whereas boys can only be expected to read about other boys. Relatively recently (a year or two ago), I remember reading about how critics were lamenting the loss of the most popular children’s books series (due to age I suppose – the writers are no longer up to making up new stories), because they were more or less the last ones who write about boys. Now, I’m not that picky – I also never pay attention to what colour or ethnic background the main character has. All I care about is whether it’s a ‘good’ character (as in one I like).

In fact, I don’t really worry too much about the age of the main character (though I’m getting more than a little tired of what is in Swedish referred to as the ‘middle-aged male mystique’, meaning how you get to dwell in detail on how these men don’t brush their teeth, how they prefer to have a drink instead of eating a proper meal, how they don’t bother to shower, don’t obey their superiors and yet, despite all these drawbacks, are irresistible to significantly younger females.

Apr 4


Posted on Sunday, April 4, 2010 in Fandom, Other

Found this meme on another blog, but I felt the list was too long and unwieldy. Worse, most of the characters I’d only barely heard of so I couldn’t decide which ones I liked enough. So, this is my list of shaggable (or not so shaggable) male characters (note that it’s about the characters, not the actors). I chose to add only characters I like to this list. There are none of the ones I can’t stand to see at all. You do as you like. In fact, if you prefer, use any character (female too). Whatever you like.

This is how to do it:

Make your own list.

1. Bold the names of guys you’d definitely shag.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might shag after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don’t do anything for you alone.

Mohinder Suresh (Heroes)
Peter Petrelli (Heroes)
Nathan Petrelli (Heroes)
Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)
Spock (Star Trek)
Dr Julian Bashir (Star Trek)
Captain Julian Bashir (Star Trek)
Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek)
Will Riker (Star Trek)
Harry Kim (Star Trek)
Worf (Star Trek)
Jake Sisko (Star Trek)
Boromir (LOTR)
Faramir (LOTR)
Aragorn (LOTR)
Legolas (LOTR)
Mitchell (Being Human)
George (Being Human)
Jack Harkness (Torchwood)
Ianto Jones (Torchwood)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)
Archie Kennedy (Hornblower)
Horatio Hornblower (Hornblower)
Robin of Loxley (Robin of Sherwood)
Robert of Huntingdon (Robin of Sherwood)
Guy of Gisburne (Robin of Sherwood)
Peter Pevensie (grownup Peter) (Narnia)
Mr Tumnus (Narnia)
Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Cal McCaffrey (State of Play)
Dan Foster (State of Play)
Dr Daniel Jackson (Stargate)
Jack O’Neill (Stargate)
Max Evans (Roswell)
Michael Guerin (Roswell)
Alex Whitman (Roswell)
Kyle Valenti (Roswell)
Fox Mulder (X files)
Alex Krycek (X files)
Walter Skinner (X files)
Cade Foster (First Wave)
Crazy Eddie (First Wave)
Joshua (First Wave)
Quinn Mallory (Sliders)
Colin Mallory (Sliders)
Danny Taylor (Without a Trace)
Martin Fitzgerald (Without a Trace)
Dr Greg House (House MD)
Dr James Wilson (House MD)
Dr Lawrence Kutner (House MD)
Richard Moser (Rex, a Cop’s Best Friend)
Alex Brandtner (Rex, a Cop’s Best Friend)
Peter Höllerer (Rex, a Cop’s Best Friend)
Fritz Kunz (Rex, a Cop’s Best Friend)
Nathan Muir (Spy Game)
Tom Bishop (Spy Game)

Mar 31

Top Ten Male Characters

Posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 in Fandom, Other

1. Spock (Star Trek: Zachary Quinto – ok, a movie, but anyway…)
2. Peter Petrelli (Heroes: Milo Ventimiglia)
3. Mohinder Suresh (Heroes: Sendhil Ramamurthy)
4. Mitchell (Being Human: Aidan Turner)
5. Robert of Huntingdon (Robin of Sherwood: Jason Connery)
6. Guy of Gisburne (Robin of Sherwood: Robert Addie)
7. Archie Kennedy  (Hornblower: Jamie Bamber)
8. Robin of Loxley (Robin of Sherwood: Michael Praed)
9. Boromir (Lord of the Rings: Sean Bean)
10. Jack Harkness (Torchwood: John Barrowman)

Honorable Mentions: Alex Krycek (X files: Nicholas Lei), Aragorn (Lord of the Rings: Viggo Mortensen), Michael Guerin (Roswell: Brendan Fehr), Dr Wilson (House: Robert Sean Leonard), Cal McCaffrey (State of Play: John Simm) Dan Foster (State of Play: James McAvoy), Mulder (X files: David Duchovny), Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt: Spy Game – ok, not a tv series, but I’ve seen it on tv, so…), Adam Carter (Spooks: Rupert Penry-Jones), Danny Taylor (Without a Trace: Enrique Murciano), Scotty Valens (Cold Case: Danny Pino), Casey (Veronica Mars: Jonathan Bennett), Quinn and Colin Mallory (Sliders: Jerry and Charlie O’Connell)

Dec 18

Gender roles in fandoms and literature

Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 in Fandom, Writing

I can imagine that homosexuals and lesbians find it hard to identify with characters in mainstream novels, tv series and movies. I find it hard to identify with the wimpy, half-naked girls that abound in movies. Even a physically strong female character like Buffy feels wrong, because of her lack of intelligence and her wimpyness. Tough and wimpy at the same time. What a strange combination. Veronica Mars is an excellent tv series, but the little blonde girl who plays the main character isn’t really someone I can identify with.

It would be really refreshing to see more tough female characters, especially ones that don’t degrade themselves by wearing skimpy clothes. I’m not saying female characters need to look like nuns. It would be quite enough if they simply wore ordinary, tight-fitting t-shirts, as long as it isn’t ridiculously low cut and as long as it covers the belly. Hipsters are an abomination.

What would really appeal to me is books, tv series and movies where men are being exploited just a little bit more. Not only in ‘gay’ series and movies, but also in ‘straight’ fandoms. You actually get the impression that gay people are negative to the straight world. I’d be the last one to claim it’s perfect, but I don’t think you need to go as far as to condemn heterosexuality. Would all these gay activists like it if their parents too had been gay? If so, what if they’d never had any kids? Isn’t there room for everyone?

Personally, I’m not proud of or ashamed of my sexual preference. I was born with it. No more am I proud or ashamed of being nearsighted, good at spelling or at learning languages. The only thing I am proud of is becoming a vegan and maybe also of my writing, not because I was born with the ability or tendency to make up stories, but simply because I’ve worked hard on improving on that trait. The same goes for my knowledge of languages. I wasn’t just born with the ability to pick up other languages, I have worked really hard to learn and practice the languages I’ve studied.


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