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Oct 11

Stephanie Plum…

Posted on Friday, October 11, 2013 in My life

I’m feeling really depressed right now, but fortunately I have a Stephanie Plum ‘mystery’ to turn to. That’s about the only thing that can get me in a good mood at the worst of times. Thank you, Janet Evanovich for distracting me from my troubles!

Jul 29

What Is Tumblr?

Posted on Monday, July 29, 2013 in Other

Read more here.

This was funny. 🙂

Jul 29

Ten Kinds of Book People It’s Impossible to Have a Conversation With

Posted on Monday, July 29, 2013 in Links

Read the article here

I’m mostly the Book Hoarder, I guess, but I’m also a writer. Are there any male Lit Scenesters I can – er – ask what they’re doing later? LOL.

Oct 23

Interstate 60

Posted on Thursday, October 23, 2008 in Humour, Movies, Reviews, Science Fiction

Here’s the next movie in my series of comments/reviews on movies and tv series I’ve seen recently. I’d never heard of Interstate 60 until a friend recommended it to me.

It’s about a guy who’s got a birthday coming up. He happens to run into a creature who’s a real, genuine trickster – one of the few all American creatures who grant wishes. Not a genie, a human-type guy who calls himself O W Grant (One Wish Grant).

Just like all tricksters, Grant is unreliable. His wishes are often tainted and contains a trap. Many who have had a wish granted get killed or are tricked one way or another. A man that we get to see, gets run over by a car, immediately after having his thoughtless wish granted. Another one wanted to eat as much as he wanted, but hadn’t taken into consideration that he’d be constantly hungry and that it would get incredibly expensive.

The main character of the movie, Neal Oliver, wants an answer to what he’s going to do with his life. For once, this makes O W Grant take an interest, so he sends the guy off on a long trip through an America he doesn’t really know. You might say it’s an alternate universe.

Here Neal finds a town where drugs are legal – at least one – and it turns everyone into zombies who live for dancing in clubs and during the day they walk around like robots, sweeping floors or emptying garbage cans around the town. One difference between this town and the real world is that kids become adults at 16. A desperate mother hitches a ride with Neal to get her 16-year-old son back, but when she realizes she can’t, against his will, she uses the drug too and after that she’s happy again, but her mind’s a blank.

You also get to see a girl who has become obsessed with finding the perfect sex. She tries to get Neal first, but when he realizes that he’s only going to be a number in her notebook, he refuses, and claims that he’ll be the one she remembers because she couldn’t get him.

That makes her have a go at seducing Grant, but gets a nasty shock.. I won’t go into exactly what that is. The movie is full of crazy, drastic jokes, but there’s an underlying theme.

When Neal wakes up – because he seems to have dreamt it all, yet not – he has his answer. He knows what to do with his life. (Lucky guy!).

The movie is quite fragmented, but it’s all connected somehow, and besides, most of it’s fun and interesting. I can really recommend this movie, though I don’t know for sure that you’ll all like it as much as I did. At least try it and see what you think.


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