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Aug 28

Porn for feminists? -again.

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2009 in Other

I just read another article about ‘feminist’ porn. What all these people are missing is that after all these years, the female is still an object. As far as they’re concerned it’s like the past thirty years or more never happened. For them porn still equals naked women. I don’t mean lesbians. I think it’s perfectly cool that lesbians make lesbian porn for lesbians. What I’m referring to are the so called straight feminists who claim that their movies with naked women are good porn.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. For me, it means naked guys. That kind of gay porn means hot guys having fun together, not ugly old men having sex with and degrading women. The naked (young) male body is attractive. Females are just soft and saggy. How can that be sexy?

Well, to each their own, but I really think that if you want to call yourself a feminist, why not leave the female body alone? Hands off our bodies.

Jul 25

Feminist porn?

Posted on Saturday, July 25, 2009 in Fandom, Other, Writing

I just read an article about feminist porn. I must admit I was a little disappointed, when I realized that this, just like “ordinary” porn, was just about women. Naturally that’s fine for those who are into women, but not that much fun for me. I’d like to see some ‘gay’ porn for women. You can never get enough of cute guys together. If anyone would like to start making a couple of those movies, I’d be happy to write the script. That’s a promise. 😉

Aug 12

Cool new book

Posted on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 in Books

I just read a fascinating article about a 93-year-old woman in the UK who just debuted as a novelist. Yeah, you read that right. She’s 93. She says she’s been writing ‘forever’ or ‘for a hundred years’ or close enough. I guess it will be that long until I get published…

The book she wrote seems really interesting too. It’s a feminist thriller. That wouldn’t have been my first guess, when I learned that the author is 93…

I can’t wait to read her book.

I guess older people are becoming trendy these days. Young people want to be old. (I read that in the paper the other day). Personally I can’t see why though. I’m always going to stay young. And I’m also going to be a famous, celebrated best selling author. Yeah, right.

Anyway, it isn’t all that long ago that we in Sweden were stunned to realize that we had a 93-year-old rapper. Greta the Rapper, who raps about Jolly Bob from Aberdeen. All in her Gothenburg dialect, naturally. She has a very exciting past. A bit of a freedom fighter. Again, a little like Lorna Page, the author.

If 20 is the new 50, as I read in the paper, maybe 90 is the new 30.


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