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May 11

How to Develop Realistic Characters

Posted on Monday, May 11, 2015 in Writing, Writing links

It’s easy to describe what a character looks like and give her/him/it a cool name. But how do you make your readers care about what happens to that character? What’s the secret to bringing your characters to life?

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Dec 20

Why I write

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2007 in Writing

I write because all the time, my mind is full of stories. I’m always thinking “what if things were like this instead”. A writer has full control over her created world. Since personally, I lack control over my life, no matter how hard I try, how much I struggle, I like to have control somewhere.

Writing is creating, and I can’t create anything else.

Besides, languages are my life. I love learning languages, but so far I can only write in two languages. If I had my wish, I’d like to be able to write in all my languages, but I realize that really only the two I already master are ‘useful’.

One reason I write (and create stories inside my head) is that I can’t stand myself the way I am or my life the way it is. When I write I re-shape my reality so I can go on living.

I write because it’s one of the few things that makes me feel happy and proud over myself. It’s one of the few things I’m good at. That means I feel successful according to my own definition. And that’s the only way to feel successful.

I love putting together the plot and develop the characters. Even though I love languages, it’s the plot, the characters and their dialogue that interests me the most.

Writing enables you to add your own opinions, that no one ever ask you for, to your story, and be able to say what you feel, and perhaps even influence others. If you look at the works of literature that have survived through history, they’ve had an enormous influence on posterity, even if their own time ignored them and their authors. I’m able to leave a lasting legacy.

I write because it’s almost the only thing that can make me forget the world around me. Writing makes me vanish into a different and better world.

Learning things develops the brain, but so does creating things. And if you learn things that you can use in your writing, it’s doubly useful.

What one person writes could never have been written by anyone else. It’s always entirely unique and specific to the author. Creating something unique is a fantastic feeling.


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