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Mar 13

Some do it in bed

Posted on Thursday, March 13, 2008 in Writing

I started thinking about where I write. The answer is, in bed. I might write at a desk – if I had a study of my own, away from others. At the moment, I’m sharing a house with my mom and my sister and unless I decided to write all night and sleep all day, I wouldn’t get any peace.

Actually, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to write in bed. Many published writers I know of, do this. I think it’s really common. But everyone’s different. Some people prefer to sit at a desk or other table. I guess some like sitting outdoors at a cafĂ© or somewhere else public.

Of course, a laptop (or in my case an iBook) is really a necessity if you want to write in bed. Once you have that all you need is an electric outlet and you’re set to go. Unless you have a rabbit who likes to chew on wires. If you do, I suggest you keep a constant eye on the cable and/or the rabbit. LOL. Be warned, as you might or might not know, some puppies and cats also like to chew on stuff, sometimes wires, so watch out.

Another thing – I prefer to write quite late in the evening or at night. First of all I’m an evening person/night owl. I feel more alert and creative later in the day. It’s also more peaceful around the house and probably, unless you live in a major city, your neigbhorhood too.

Where do you like to write? And at what time?


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