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Sep 15

What is a vegan?

Posted on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 in Other

To me, who’s been vegan for several years now, veganism is something so natural and self-explanatory, I hardly even think about it. However, I’ve realized that many people simply don’t have a clue what it is. (And many of those who do, really don’t care, but that’s another story.)

So, just in case anyone’s wondering – What is a vegan?

And, here‘s the answer. (One definition, at least.)

Dec 11

Defining what I write

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 in Writing

It can be difficult to define what I’m writing. Especially since I don’t write your usual run-of-the-mill fiction. When it comes to ratings, which is common in fan fiction, and also original fiction, I usually end up in between categories. In what way? Well, if the reader wants something ‘gen’, they’ll usually be disappointed, not simply because my stories are about sex, which they might be at times, but also because I write about other ‘adult’ topics, like violence, drugs, attempted suicide etc.

On the other hand, readers of ‘slash’ or at least ‘het adult’ – in other words – sex stories – will be disappointed too, because what I’m writing usually isn’t very erotic. Most of the time, I write ‘angst’, which means the story is about all kinds of traumas the main characters might have been exposed to. Either in my story or at some time before my story begins.

Another thing which makes it hard to define what I’m writing is that it’s often on various intermediate levels in between subgenres, or at least not a typical example of a subgenre. To be more exact, I often write stories set in another time than ours, or on another world or in a different dimension. But just because a story is set, for instance, in the future, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a science fiction story. I don’t even write what the experts call ‘space opera’ or what might be called a ‘western in space’. What I write is rarely set in space or on other planets. What is it then? Maybe quite simply a drama set in the future, as opposed to in our own time.

Earlier I mentioned that I write about ‘adult’ topics. That’s true, but I also try to turn gender roles upside down a bit. Not entirely. Or not most of the time anyway. I rarely write about a world just like ours, except where the gender roles are reversed. That can be fun, but usually I try to play with gender stereotypes and change them a little. I can’t say that I write something truly unique, but in any case I write about guys who aren’t always super heroes, girls who are emotionally strong, couples where the woman is older than the man and sometimes about threesomes consisting of two men and one woman. If anyone’s dominant it’s the woman. And so on.

All this might deter some readers. Most guys for instance, and perhaps some women too. If that’s the way it is, they don’t have to read my stuff. One reason I love writing as much as I do, is because I get a type of story that I hardly ever find in a book store.


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