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Feb 3

Celebrities I’d like to kiss

Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2007 in Other

I recently saw a list of the ten celebrities the Swedish people would like to kiss. It was in one of the tabloids. (No, wait. Did I read something in a tabloid? That has to be a mistake. This is what really happened. I was searching for something else and accidentally ended up on that page. Right. That’s it.)

In any case, I didn’t agree with most of the choices on that list, so I had the idea of making up my own. I couldn’t come up with ten, so there’s only six on my list. They’re not in any particular order, except maybe nr one and two.

1. Eagle Eye Cherry
2. Ola Rapace
3. Danny
4. Darin
5. Niclas Wahlgren
6. Niklas Strömstedt

What meandering roads your mind can take you on, when you’re a little tired. 🙂 Since I’m rarely completely alert, I naturally thought of some international (or rather American) celebrities I’d like to kiss. Here too, there’s no particular order except when it comes to the first two.

1. Jonathan Bennet
2. Johnny Depp
3. Enrique Murciano
4. Danny Pino
5. Jason Dohring
6. Jared Leto


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