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Cats and Colours

Posted on Monday, October 12, 2009 in Animals

I recently noticed something funny. Cats seem to prefer their own colours. For instance, one of them, who is orange, absolutely loves the colour orange. It doesn’t look that great to me, but she insists on lying on a surface that clashes the most with her own colour. Pink (and similar shades) are ok too, as far as she’s concerned. I keep wanting her to lie (read pose) on something white, grey, blue or green. No such luck. Besides, getting her to pose for the camera (read lie still for a few seconds at a time) is more or less impossible.

Another of my cats – grey this time – adores (you guessed it) the colour grey. In this case, I wouldn’t say that grey clashes with grey, but in my book, another colour, like white, red, blue and so on, would look a lot prettier. That is if I ever got her to stay in one place long enough for me to get a few pictures of her.

Oh, well, I’ll have to commit the images to memory and maybe, once in a while, I’ll be able to snap a few shots of them before they take off…

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