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What’s historic – really?

Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 in Writing

Since I write historic stories, I began to wonder where you draw the line. What is a historic story? When it comes to fan fiction, I suppose it depends on in what era the fandom is set, but the question remains. What point in time, can be referred to as historic?

I guess there are different ways of looking at it. It probably depends on how old you are. An example: some years ago the tv series American Dreams, set in the 1960’s, was on here in Sweden. I tried to persuade my mother to watch it too. She said no. But, I insisted, it’s historic. No, it isn’t, she said.

In my own writing I’ve decided to treat a story set in the 1980’s as historic, whereas one set in the 1990’s isn’t. Some years from now, that might change, but at the moment, that’s my division. I have memories from the 1980’s, but I still say that’s historic. It’s so long ago.

Do you agree? What is your definition of a historic story (tv series, movie etc)?

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