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Posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 in Fandom, Other, Whining

A while back, I posted about ratings. I think I mentioned that I practically never use them for my Swedish stories/fics. We don’t require them (yet anyway), and I really don’t think they’re necessary. In fact, I was amazed when I found out about ratings/warnings, but since I want to be read, naturally I complied.

When I first started writing fan fiction everyone used the MPAA ratings so that’s what I did Then I found that and FictionPress use the FictionRatings system and I switched to that instead. Having a separate system (quite apart from the legal aspect that I’m not going to go into) for fiction makes sense.

I also made up my own system that I use on my site (in addition to the FR system). It’s very simple, if not very detailed. Green means G and PG/K and K+, Yellow means PG-13/T and Red means R and NC-17 or M and MA respectively.

Yesterday I quite suddenly realized that there’s another system, one specifically for fan fiction. I was amazed. After all, I’ve been into fan fiction for about ten years (how time flies!) and I’d never heard of this before. While I haven’t had time to update my fan fiction site yet (too busy with RL) I will definitely include the Fan Rated Ratings System. I’ll still use the FR system though and still keep a page with the old MPAA ratings as a reference.

So, apparently, even after ten years, there’s something new to learn. Great. In fact the past months or so (which have brought me much personal pain and worry) have at least given me a couple of new fandom-related things to try and by now, use: Dreamwidth and Archive of Our Own. Maybe I should also mention the terrific Fan Wikis (though they aren’t completely new).

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