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Creepy… Cemetaries and weird guys

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 in Books

This afternoon, I went to pick up some books I had ordered. Not that we can afford them, but just this once, we decided it would be alright. When I got to the store – no post offices anymore, which is such a shame, considering that we (Sweden) used to have the oldest postal service in the world, as far as I know – I made a total fool of myself, by not being able to find the text message with the package number. Very embarrassing. Fortunately, the woman behind the counter was familiar with Nokia phones.

On my way back I had a bit of a scare. As I was passing a goldsmith’s shop, I noticed that two young guys were standing around, talking. This is a small town, but it was getting dark and I was on my own, so I was wondering what they were up to. Suddenly they said hi to me with sort of an undertone, that made me wonder. It was like ‘don’t look at us, we’re not up to anything’. I said hi back, thinking maybe they were trying to sell something or had a sort of survey, but apparently that was it. So I began to walk a little faster – I would have anyway, it was pretty chilly – but I couldn’t help glancing over my shoulder, just in case.

Just my luck that the only people passing by, other than these two, were an older woman on her bike heading in a different direction and someone walking with an invalid’s cane – blind and most likely something else – brave person. Then after a while I passed a church and a cemetary (not theirs, an older one, from a cholera epidemic in the 19th century). A gang of younger guys were hanging around there. After that there were a couple of different people. Besides, it didn’t take me more than five-ten minutes to get home.

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