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Women Who Love Gay Men

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2007 in Other

I just read an article about a Swedish book called (in translation) Women who love gay men, by a Swedish woman by the name of Linda Leopold. It was very interesting reading.

The article mentions all kinds of ‘fag hags’. From the ‘traditional’ fag hag who goes to gay clubs, dressed and made up like a drag queen, to young women who love gay porn and even, women who are married to gay men.

One reason women like gay porn seems to be that women are tired of being submissive objects, like in many other aspects of our culture. I believe in that explanation. Of course there can be others too. In any case, I don’t think women who like gay porn need to make up excuses for their preference. Men like lesbian porn. If that’s ok, the equivalent should be ok too.

Slash, including the Japanese yaoi, is also mentioned in the article.

All this seems to be a trend gaining in popularity. I can’t help but think that it’s a slight improvement on our generally negative society.

I recognize quite a bit of all this. Not dressing up and wearing makeup like a drag queen, but much of the rest of it.

Besides, personally, I’m not exclusively a fag hag. I also love, to the same extent, sweet, kind, submissive straight guys. You could say that quite simply I love most guys, except for the pushy, bossy dominant ones.

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