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About bullying

Posted on Monday, October 5, 2015 in My life, Other

About bullying

At the moment, here in Sweden, there’s a lot of attention focused on bullying in schools. Personally, I was more excluded and ignored than actually bullied, most of the time while I was still in school. The bullying came later. I’m not going to go into that now, because it’s far too painful, but as for my earlier experiences, I have a couple of ideas. Since I have been bullied later in life and was sort of ‘passively bullied’ in school I can easily imagine myself being ‘actively bullied’ as well.

First and easiest:

What I’m wondering is why these kids don’t delete their accounts on social media and get new ones under different names. When I’ve felt stalked and the target of uncomfortable attention online, I have been forced to delete my homepage, delete any accounts in social media etc and started over. How hard can it be? Naturally, I told my real friends where they could find me.

The second idea is this: I know that I’m different and of course that’s one reason why people dislike me so much, but there’s actually an upside to it. If someone had actively bullied me in school it wouldn’t have bothered me in the least having to move to another school and start over. Being who I am, which is also a pessimist, I wouldn’t really believe that would help, but I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to go. Far better to leave the bullies behind and be allowed to finish my schooling in peace.

Finally, and this is the most difficult aspect and the most expensive, but fortunately, most people won’t have to go through it. If the entire family is the target of harassment and bullying, somehow get the parents to agree to move to another town/city.

Yes, I completely agree that it’s a shame that the victim/s should be relocated, but staying stubbornly and suffering is very much like insisting on one’s right to drive first onto a bigger road, even when you’re heading straight for a truck with the breaks out of order. Sure, according to the traffic rules, you were right, but you’d still be dead and crushed if the truck runs into you.

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