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Me and tea

Posted on Monday, May 25, 2015 in My life

Two-tree years ago, I didn’t drink tea. I didn’t like it. In fact, I found it downright disgusting. However, despite that, I was always a bit curious. Tea has always seemed interesting to me. The history of it, the technique for making it.

Then for some reason, I decided to try again. My mum’s always kept trying to make me have some. She loves it. My sister does too. So I tried a lemon tea, meant to be used as ice tea, but without the sugar. I was amazed. It was actually quite nice. In fact, more than nice.

Now I have a cup almost every evening. And apart from the lemon tea (which is sadly only sold during the summer – I’m looking for it every time I go shopping) I also drink lemon and lime tea and peppermint tea.

Tea lovers probably feel sick by now. Sorry. I’m such a kid at heart. Every time I sit there watching my steaming cup of tea, I’m thinking ‘wow look at that, I’m drinking tea.’ It’s like in that diaper pant commercial I used to watch a long time ago. ‘Mommy wow, I’m a big girl now.’.

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