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Posted on Saturday, March 28, 2015 in Other

I found this meme/quiz on a Swedish book blog and decided to do it too.

1. If you could choose to live in a tv series, which one would you want to live in?

I mainly watch cop series and that wouldn’t be all that much fun. Besides, most of them aren’t set in Sweden, but since this is just a fantasy anyway – maybe Endevour, Grantchester or Mr Selfridge. On the other hand, I think I’ll pick Star Trek (TNG), because that future looks a lot nicer than the past of those three series.

2. As a child, what did you want to do ‘when you grew up”?

Even though I loved my parents who were teachers and my favorite place was the library, other professions attracted me when I was very young. For a while I thought I wanted to be an astronaut (not very realistic) or an archaeologist (which as it turned out wasn’t realistic either)

3. What is your favorite smell/fragrance?

I love fragrances but in this case I’d say it depends on the context. Food, desserts, fruit and chocolate smell really great, but I also appreciate the smell of nature or a garden.

4. If you were a big rock, where would you like to lie?

Far into the woods.

5. You find out that the Earth will be destroyed in twelve hours. What would you do?

Hopefully, I’d have access to some amazing defence weapon and will be able to save us all. Really though, screaming and crying and hugging my family.

6. What would have been different in your life if you’d belonged to the opposite sex?

A lot would be the same as now, but I’d probably be physically stronger and more accepted and make more money.

7. What is your favorite tool?

Tool? I’m clumsy and impractical, so unfortunately, I don’t know.

8. What will you be doing in ten years time?

Trying to think positively, I think things will be roughly the same only better. Hopefully I’ll be living somewhere I’ll be happy and hopefully I’ll have children or at least one child. Sadly, I think I’ll still be single though.

9. What is your best song to dance to?

I don’t dance, but I love all kinds of music. At the blog where I found this quiz, it says Dancing Queen, so I guess I’ll say the same. It’s a great old song.

10. If you were really great at sewing, what would you make?

I’d make clothes for the whole family.

11. How would you handle winning about 100 000 000 Euros?

I’d invest in a really great place to live and in other ways secure our future. I’d insist that my sister stop working and then we’d find a good way to invest the rest of the money. I’d also set things up so I can donate money to causes I believe in.

12. This was a question about a new Swedish word for she/he, but since this isn’t relevant I’ll replace it with this:
How do you feel when you read a self-published book or a work-in-progress on Wattpad, when the writer doesn’t master basic grammar, has a very poor vocabulary etc. Do you still enjoy the story, if it’s based on a good idea? Or do you move on to another story?

I would stop reading and find a better story. A good idea counts for something, but you also need to be able to tell the story in a relatlvely decent way.

13. What is your best recipe and why?

I’m really bad at following recipes, but I’d have to say our vegan spreads, like hummus tahin.

14. How do you feel about meat consumtion/the meat industry? (No, I did not add this question myself!)

I really dislike it for a number of reasons. Because of all cruelty and ruthlessness towards the animals. Because of the pollution and because of the injustice towards the starving people in the third world.

15. Are you ‘addicted’ to anything?

My family (including the animals), books, chocolate, cold water, avocado, plants…

16. What kind of music triggers your nostalgia and why?

Hm. My nostalgia? Classical music, eighties music, nineties music…

17. What makes you really angry?

Rude people who go out of their way to pick a fight and those who try to silence people with their unfair master suppression techniques. And neighbours and bicyclists… 😉

18. Do you have any really good domestic advice?

No, I can’t say I do. But I think it’s important to use non-toxic products in the home, as well as everywhere else.

19. Is there any commercial you really like?

Since this refers to Swedish commercials, it may not tell you anything, but I’ll say it anyway: ICA:s (groceries), and Telia (telephone company)

20. Are you a lot like you were as a child?

Yes, pretty much, only thinner and sadder and a lot more disillusioned.

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